Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Hercule is a powerful MerK. Half-human, half-alien through cell transplantation, he is not afraid of death. A part of him is already dead, haunted by the crime committed against his wife and children, he must atone for accepting orders, even the craziest, Officers. Hercule has no choice, it MUST be aliens stalk crashing on planets colonized by humans. Its primary mission is to kill the Nemean lion, whose ship crashed and protects his wife very badly injured. He needs the blood of humans who live locally to heal. The battle between Hercule and the lion will also wild emotional and to awaken painful memories in the mind of our hero. Scenario: Jean-David Morvan, Artwork: Looky.


Hercule #01 - The Blood of Nemea (2012) (GP-Alice).cbz | 32,28 MB | LINK:
Hercule #02 - The Jails of Lerne (2013) (Vargas & Alice).cbz | 55,20 MB | LINK:


Hercule - Tome 1 - Le Sang de Némée.cbr | 108.48 MB | LINK:


Hercule (Tomo 1): La sangre de Nemea.cbr | 97,47 MB | LINK:

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