Friday, March 25, 2016

The Desert Star

It all started in 1870 in Washington. Matt Montgomery occupies an important position in the Ministry of Interior: a small routine life official, dull. But this reassuring balance burst one evening when he returned home, his wife lying on the steps of their home, killed in terrible ways. Horror of horrors, their daughter suffered the same fate. Who committed such a crime and most importantly, why? Matt Montgomery launches into the deep West in search of the killer. Created by Stephen Desberg and Drawings by Enrico Marini. The Desert Star.


Desert Star v01 (2016) (digital) (The Magicians-Empire).cbr | 101.65 MB | LINK:
Desert Star v02 (2016) (digital) (The Magicians-Empire).cbr | 90.72 MB | LINK:
Desert Star v03 (2016) (digital) (The Magicians-Empire).cbr | 113.65 MB | LINK:
The Desert Star pt1.7z | 18 MB | LINK:
The Desert Star pt2.7z | 22 MB | LINK:


La-estrella-del-desierto 01.cbz | 19.3 MB | LINK:
La-estrella-del-desierto 02.cbz | 18.6 MB | LINK:


L'étoile du désert #1 (of 2) (2001).cbz | 22.8 MB | LINK:
L'étoile du désert #2 (of 2) (2001).cbz | 23.4 MB | LINK:

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