Sunday, March 6, 2016

Spin Angels

Spin Angels, (or Cross Fire) Soleil Publishing, story by Jean-Luc Sala; art and colors by Pierre-Mony Chan. Each issue begins with a flashback to something that happened in the past. The first one starts in 1307, but the second and third much more recently, in 1939; the fourth, in 1959. However, the main story in each issue is set in the present. It follows the exploits of members of the Vatican's Black Office, which exists to "find and disarm any potential threats or revelations." Which basically means searching for historical texts and artifacts which could disprove the accepted history and doctrines of the Church. The Black Office is headed up by Monsignor Marchesi. 
The story mainly focuses on his lead investigator, Sofia d'Agostino. In the first issue, her partner, Luigi, is killed, so Marchesi calls in a favor from an old friend, a mob boss named Costanza. He sends his nephew, Angelo, to serve as her bodyguard on her missions. In the second issue, they meet up with an old acquaintance of Angelo's, named Gina. Later, they meet up with another agent of the Black Office, Sister Anna. Anyway, apparently the Black Office is a modern-day survivor of the ancient Inquisition, but there is another survivor: the Knights of the Order of the House of Bethany. Which is apparently another name for the Knights Templar, I guess. Anyway, there's another secret organization within the Church, which is the enemy of both the Black Office and the Knights Templar, a group led by a mysterious figure known as the "Master," a figure who was seen briefly in the 1307 flashback of the first issue. If it really is the same guy, his age isn't the only thing mysterious about him, he also has some kind of powers, and it seems his followers may actually believe he's God.


Spin Angels #1 - Operation Judas (2009) (Minutemen-DTermined).cbr | 44,47 MB | LINK:
Spin Angels #2 - At The Secret Service Of His Holiness (2009) (Minutemen-DTermined).cbr | 39,50 MB | LINK:
Spin Angels #3 - Die And Let Live (2009) (Minutemen-DTermined).cbr | 38,46 MB | LINK:
Spin Angels #4 - Godfinger (2010) (Minutemen-DTermined).cbr | 37,21 MB | LINK:
Spin Angels #5 - Eternity is not Enough (F) (2010) (Alice).cbz | 29,45 MB | LINK:
Spin Angels #6 - For Your Gods Only (F2) (2012) (GP-Alice).cbz | 45,56 MB | LINK:
Spin Angels v07 - Resurrect Another Day (2017) (digital) (phillywilly-Empire).cbr | 80.45 MB | LINK:
Spin Angels 005 - Die and Let Live 01 (of 2) (2015) (webrip) (MagicMan-DCP).cbr | 34.09MB | LINK:


Cross Fire - Band 1 - Operation Judas.cbr | 92.83 MB | LINK:
Cross Fire - Band 2 - Im Geheimdienst Ihrer Heiligkeit.cbr | 83.73 MB | LINK:


Cross Fire V1 #1 (of 6) (2004).pdf | 40.7 MB | LINK:
Cross Fire V2 #2 (of 6) (2006).pdf | 37.0 MB | LINK:
Cross Fire V3 #3 (of 6) (2008).pdf | 35.3 MB | LINK:
Cross Fire V4 #4 (of 6) (2009).pdf | 43.2 MB | LINK:
Cross Fire V5 #5 (of 6) (2010).pdf | 45.5 MB | LINK:
Cross Fire V6 #6 (of 6) (2012).pdf | 53.2 MB | LINK:

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