Thursday, March 3, 2016


Rani is a serial comic, written by Alcante from an original screenplay by Jean Van Hamme and illustrated by Francis Vallès. 
The story begins in the year 1743. The young Jolanne Valcourt is the daughter born out of wedlock old Marquis Charles de Valcourt, who nevertheless recognized. Philippe Valcourt half brother Jolanne, murders his father and then robs her half-sister by making her take responsibility for another crime he himself committed. Escaped, joined a band of robbers and arrested again, Jolanne manages to escape execution by hiding under the identity of another prisoner. She was deported to the French Indies , where many adventures await. As the war between European powers resonates to India, Valcourt of the marquis died, leaving the future of the family at the hand of his son Philip, notorious libertine. His only glimmer of hope lay in Jolanne, natural girl he recognized and erected with the nuns in the vain hope of tempering a strong character. Philippe does not intend to let this bastard relative to the nose in its affairs.


Rani #1 - Bastard (2009) (Alice).cbz | 68,35 MB | LINK:
Rani #2 - Brigand (2011) (Alice).cbz | 53,24 MB | LINK:
Rani 3 Slave (ENG)(scanlation)(Sparkie&MickRC)(SZ).rar | 33 MB | LINK:
Rani 4 Mistress (ENG)(scanlation)(Sparkie&MickRC)(SZ).rar | 37.2 MB | LINK:
Rani 5 Savage (ENG)(scanlation)(Sparkie&MickRC)(SZ).rar | 34.3 MB | LINK:


Rani - Tome 1 - Bâtarde.cbr | 106,57 MB | LINK:
Rani 01 - Batarde.cbz | 37.9 MB | LINK:
Rani 02 - Brigande.cbr | 66.6 MB | LINK:
Rani 03 - Esclave.cbr | 53.4 MB | LINK:
Rani - Tome 4 - Maitresse.cbr | 50.78 MB | LINK:

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