Sunday, March 6, 2016

Jim Cutlass

In June 1859 the newly licensed Lieutenant Jim Cutlass travels to New Orleans to collect the inheritance of his uncle Jonathan Swift, planting Cyprus Lodge (Louisiana). In town discover that you have to share the land with her cousin Carolyn. Engaged to his cousin, Don Clay, has other plans on inheritance and tries to kill Cuttlass, but not before getting waived in writing it to land. Cuttlass flee, accused of killing Clay. He joined Fort Sumter garrison the March 1, 1861, two weeks before the fort is attacked by the Confederates in the first act of the Civil War. After the war, Cuttlass tries to return to his inheritance, finding a devastated country and the disadvantage of being a Yankee faced the Ku Klux Klan.  Jim Cutlass Adventure is created by Jean-Michel Charlier, Jean "Moebius" Giraud and Rossi.
Mississipi River (Vol.1): Jim Cutlass is on his way to the South where an inheritance waits for him. On his way, on a boat on the Mississippi, he does manage to make more enemies than friends. In New Orleans he learns he has a niece, and he will have to split the inheritance, a cotton-plantation. His niece's fiancé is one of the enemies he recently made, and Jim shoots him in a duel. He has to run, and joins the army, right before the civil war. After the war he wants to return to the plantation, but the times have changed a little.


Moebius collected - 8 - Mississippi River.cbz | 43.66 MB | LINK:


Jim Cutlass - Band 1 - Mississippi River.cbr | 48 MB | LINK:
Jim Cutlass - Band 2 - Der Mann aus New Orleans.cbr | 27 MB | LINK:


Jim Cutlass 01 - Mississipi River.cbr | 28.0 MB | LINK:
Jim Cutlass 02 - L'Homme De La Nouvelle-Orléans.cbr | 25.6 MB | LINK:
Jim Cutlass 03 - L'Alligator Blanc.cbr | 30.0 MB | LINK:
Jim Cutlass 04 - Tonnerre Au Sud.cbr | 28.9 MB | LINK:
Jim Cutlass 05 - Jusqu'au Cou.cbr | 29.9 MB | LINK:
Jim Cutlass 06 - Colts, Fantomes Et Zombies.cbr | 28.0 MB | LINK:
Jim Cutlass 07 - Nuit Noire.cbr | 20.3 MB | LINK:

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