Friday, March 4, 2016

Special Branch

This espionage bande dessinee comic is created by Scenario: Roger Seiter, Drawing: Hamo in 2011. 
The first scientific police conducting the investigation! In a village near Liverpool, a stranded ship is dismantled. We discover a corpse that dates back 20 years and on which we find a picture of a senior officer of the Navy. Meanwhile, a stalker murdered one by one the watchmen who have surprised on the boat. All this goes beyond the local police. But it is a survey for the Special Branch! This secret branch of British policing uses very innovative scientific techniques for the time. Charlotte and Robin, brother and sister and prominent members of the Special Branch are dispatched to unravel the mystery ... For this new cliffhanger, Roger Seiter back into the dark alleys of cities in England that he loves so much with new characters Hamo investigators who gives life with his nervous and elegant line.


Special Branch #1 - The Death Throes of the Leviathan (2011) (Alice).cbz | 46,83 MB | LINK:
Special Branch #2 - The Running of the Leviathan (F) (2012) (Scanlation).cbz | 71,43 MB | LINK:
Special Branch #3 - The Leviathan Awakes (2012) (Scanlation).cbr | 48,66 MB | LINK:


Special Branch - Tome 4 - Londres Rouge.cbr | 83.88 MB | LINK:

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