Saturday, March 26, 2016

Sexy Gun

The 'Sexy Gun' know how to use a weapon with dexterity. Nobody resist Sexy Gun, a western mixing humor, action, light and cynicism! Tom Reck tells the epic four heroines, dancers killer to pledge and cowgirls. "He y'avait Svetlana, a Scandinavian pétroleuse behalf family simply unpronounceable. Ann Oakley, the sharpshooter 's Wild West Show Buffalo Bill. (A nice guy in this case ...), Betty Boots, which has big boobs! Hey! Hey! Hey! Like I always say, there never has too many! And Li Ming, a pearl of Asia. 
It's said that the governor of California is offering 100 pesos per Indian scalp! 100 pesos, really? That's what they say! California is a territory best avoided by the Sexy Gun while the whites are hunting Indians. The 'Sexy Gun' are in pursuit of Mummie's treasure with a resilient Squaw in their trail; and scalp-hunters on hers! Creators: Fréderic Brrémaud (writer), Mathieu Reynes (artist), Valerie Vernay (colorist).


Sexy Gun #1 - Mack-the-Knife (ReTran) (2003) (Gem-Alice).cbz | 31,83 MB | LINK:
Sexy Gun #2 - The Squaw (2004) (1920 Rescan) (Alice).cbz | 35,18 MB | LINK:

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