Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Alexia's Demons

Alexia's Demons is a series of Belgian comic . This series was launched in 2004 to Dupuis editions. In the first album, Alexia is a job search exorcist. She was recruited by the CPRS, an agency appointed by the authorities to protect the world of occult forces while keeping secret their very existence. After arriving at the CPRS, Sarah Perkins, Salem witch whose remains are kept at the CPRS, caused a wave of deaths. Alexia discovers that he is his ancestor, and designed to make her a witch too. What Sarah Perkins succeeded in pushing to kill Alexia (transforming the spectrum). In the second album, Alexia seeks to explore the area 85. The necromancer Olof Zünd is his ally, despite tensions between them. But when Stoughton, former director, out of the coma, it excludes Alexia the CPRS. 
In the third album, Alexia went to the land of the occult, Yorthopia. Meanwhile, the replacement director (fired), Olof Zünd and Harold Pleston trying to prevent Stoughton Berenice force to bear his child. In the fourth album, the specter of Sarah Perkins Alexia manipulates him to cast a spell in order to "protect" the director Stoughton. The result was the massacre of all personnel present at CPRS, Olof Zünd being the only survivor at the scene, while the innkeeper Gabriel had prevented Harold and Bernice Pleston to go there. Survivors see only one way to save the CPRS: do Alexia, both witch and exorcist, their director. Scenario:Vincent Dugomier, Drawing: Benoît Ers.


Alexia's Demons 01 - The Heritage.7z | 20 MB | LINK:
Alexia's Demons 02 - Stigma Diabolicum.7z | 18 MB | LINK:
Alexia's Demons 03 - Yorthopia.7z | 19 MB | LINK:
Alexia's Demons 04 - The Salem Syndrome.7z | 19 MB | LINK:
Alexia's Demons 05 - The Angel's Blood.7z | 18 MB | LINK:
Alexia's Demons 06 - Tears of Blood.7z | 18 MB | LINK:
Alexia's Demons 07 - Human Flesh.7z | 16 MB | LINK:


Démons d'Alexia (les) 01 - L'héritage.cbr | 18.8 MB | LINK:
Démons d'Alexia (les) 02 - Stigma Diabolicum.cbr | 45.8 MB | LINK:
Démons d'Alexia (les) 03 - Yorthopia.cbr | 49.0 MB | LINK:
Démons d'Alexia (les) 04 - Le Syndrome de Salem.cbr | 51.7 MB | LINK:
Démons d'Alexia (les) 05 - Le Sang de l'ange.cbr | 49.7 MB | LINK:
Démons d'Alexia (les) 06 - Les Larmes de sang.cbr | 51.7 MB | LINK:
Démons d'Alexia (les) 07 - Chair humaine.cbr | 44.9 MB | LINK:
Démons d'Alexia (les) HS - La Fresque.cbr | 45.8 MB | LINK:

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