Thursday, March 10, 2016

Tessa Intergalactic Agent

Everything was fine in the Tessa life so far: Star gymnastics competitions, physical to rival any boy. Anyway, was it the English course, the world would be perfect. But then one night, Tessa was led by an alien to millions of light years from Earth, where it fought (and defeated) in an arena. Unwittingly, she has successfully passed its Intergalactic Agent exam. She is a teenager, and undisciplined as pretty as spirited and imaginative, more passionate about gymnastics as English classes, dream every night that the worst fighting aliens. There she completes her agent intergalactic training under the tutelage of a gruff alien, who teaches him how to protect the world against the "sidereal killers." 
And if it was not a dream? A new adventure of Nävis, the heroine of Wake ? Lost is Tessa , substitute character created by Morvan and Buchet. Reference a little easier? . Impossible not to think about browsing the back cover. There are some nuances it's true: the Earth as a place of action and find the dream is not one. And it gets worse as a model! And after all, in the western, there are other hero Blueberry, so why not in SF? We can add in passing that the subtitle "intergalactic agent" is reminiscent of Valerian , the "space-time" agent who inspired Morvan to Wake ! To differentiate, Mitric bottom plays the card of humor, but that would make the gags fly, which is not always obvious. Besides the contemporary part is much more successful, mainly due to heroin posturing and dynamism. Scenario: Nicolas Mitric. Design: Louis.


Tessa Intergalactic Agent #1 - Sidereal Killer (2004) (Dragonz-Alice).cbz | 49,33 MB | LINK:
Tessa Intergalactic Agent #2 - Ten Tiles of the Labyrinth (2005) (Dragonz-Alice).cbz | 41,06 MB | LINK:
Tessa Intergalactic Agent #3 - Diyonetics (2005) (Dragonz-Alice).cbz | 41,35 MB | LINK:
Tessa Intergalactic Agent #4 - Cosmolympics (2007) (Alice).cbz | 40,40 MB | LINK:
Tessa Intergalactic Agent #5 - Where there's a Gem (2009) (Scanlation).cbr | 50,41 MB | LINK:


Tessa-Agent intergalactique - 01 - Sideral killer.cbr | 65,2 MB | LINK:
Tessa-Agent intergalactique - 02 - Les dix dalles du labyrinthe.cbr | 63,3 MB | LINK:
Tessa-Agent intergalactique - 03 - Beau comme un Diyo.cbr | 58,1 MB | LINK:
Tessa-Agent intergalactique - 04 - Cosmolympiades.cbr | 49,4 MB | LINK:
Tessa-Agent intergalactique - 05 - La ou il y a de la gemme...cbr | 49,1 MB | LINK:
Tessa-Agent intergalactique - 06 - Aurore Montreal.cbr | 88,8 MB | LINK:

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