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Wilson Jericho Hell is real: megalopolis sewers where, as an officer of the Police Sewer it down every day to ensure the proper functioning of the bowels of the huge city. So inevitably, when asked to serve as tour guide Sandra Yeatman, young scientist came to prove the veracity of legends about the crypto-zoological wildlife sewers, Jericho was a little surprised. But not as much as when they discover that an invasion of mutant spiders may well disrupt this ecosystem apart as long as they are content to remain below! Scenario: Christophe Bec | Design: Stefano Raffaele. Under.
Lt. Wilson Jericho is assigned to a particular entity of the police. The Sewer Police is responsible for monitoring sewers megalopolis. This unit, which are mutated the "waste" of the police, to ensure that the marginalized, the outcasts, and "outcasts" who have their habits into drains, do not compromise the functioning of the city's bowels. A young scientist, Sandra Yeatman, joined the team of Lieutenant Jericho. It is cryptozoologist at the University of megalopolis and wants to study sewage wildlife. It intends in particular to prove that rats and alligators which is discarded by toilet bowls survive and mutate. The young scientist has flair: they will soon make a strange discovery in the underground galleries of network: human corpses kept suspended by cobwebs. Each of them was literally drained of blood. Were they the victims of a "White Lady", the giant spider desert they have captured? To find out, the scientific and lieutenant Jericho will have to venture into areas that even the police dare not Sewer cover.


Under T1 White Ladies (2010) (Sosich).cbr | 50 MB | LINK:
Under T2 Goliath (2011) (Sosich).cbr | 60 MB | LINK:


Under V1 #1 (of 2).pdf | 27 MB | LINK:
Under V2 #2 (of 2).pdf | 70 MB | LINK:

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