Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Lord Julian Blackwood spends his days pursuing and killing raised the dead, the dead come back to life most of the time for revenge. He does not kill for pleasure, but only because they do not have the right to come into the world of the living. Deirdre one day, his wife is kidnapped by a powerful necromancer and to release it, Blackwood finds himself constrained and forced to go kill God Crouching, which holds the soul of Lord Redstone. Scenario: Nicolas Jarry | Design: Kan-J.
England, seventeenth century. London is deserted, devoured by ivy, haunted by soulless creatures. Now people live in terror as the night the dead come back to life ... Blackwood spends his nights chasing ghosts, until a powerful necromancer takes his wife to force him to find his most valuable possession, the half of his soul he had once confided to a demon to save his life. Blackwood will have no choice but to go to the lair of God Crouching in London. So what is this secret that haunts the nights of Blackwood?


Blackwood T1 (2010) (Dragonz).cbr | 49.23MB | LINK: http://sh.st/XOE5Z
Blackwood T2 (2011) (Dragonz).cbr | 52.00MB | LINK: http://sh.st/XORjQ

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