Saturday, September 3, 2016


Fifth century. The world changes, a conflict has begun: Christianity is opposed to the old religion. Druids and monks are waging a war in ombre. Tandis that the Britons descend populate the rocky headland of Brittany, Gwenc'hlan the last druid in this region, and Taran, his apprentice, trying to thwart the traps set by their fanatical opponents. The Morrigan's help, a woman from the Other World, will be valuable. Among the remains of ancient neolithic cults, a deaf threat rises. A comic by Jean-Luc Istin and Jacques Lamontagne.
The spear of Lug stealthily charm that protected Is seems broken. Nothing seems able to prevent this city from being engulfed by the wave approaching. Taran and his Master survived are, but not all will have that chance. After busy stranded body, they hit the road to try to resolve the initial enigma that could heavily condition the future of their order, the Druids.


Druids T01 - The Ogham Sacrifice (Dragonz-L-T).cbr | 101,51 MB | LINK:
Druids_02_-_The_Altars_of_Destiny_(2012)_(T-DMT-DCP).cbr | 65.87 MB | LINK:


Los | 133,22 MB | LINK:


Les Druides - 01 - Le mystère des Oghams.cbr | 29.9 MB | LINK:
Les Druides - 02 - Is la blanche.cbz | 35 MB | LINK:
Les Druides - 03 - La lance de Lug.cbz | 44.9 MB | LINK:
Les Druides - 04 - La ronde des géants.cbz | 34.1 MB | LINK:
Les Druides - 05 - La pierre de destinée.cbz | 15.8 MB | LINK:
Les Druides - 06 - Crépuscule.cbr | 76 MB | LINK:
Les Druides - 07 - Les disparus de Cornouaille.cbr | 73.1 MB | LINK:
Les Druides - T08 - Les Secrets d'Orient.cbr | 246 MB | LINK:

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  1. Great post!! I think there is one more volume, 9th...does anybody have it?