Friday, September 16, 2016

Zachary Holmes

In its first survey, Zachary must discover who destroyed the castle of Baron Frankenstein. All tracks lead to the strange giant who works for the Baron, but Zachary believes in the innocence of the creature. He knows that despite his ungainly appearance, the giant has a good heart and love helping old ladies or pick flowers for her friends. With the assistance of his friend Watson, a little mouse armed with a remarkable sense of humor and a consuming passion for Camembert, Zachary began a difficult investigation to find the real culprit. Created by Carlos Trillo and Juan Bobillo.
After admirably solved the case of the monster, Zachary Holmes returns to service. Contacted by the wizard Merlin, he will have to investigate the strange practices of ghosts, especially the most dangerous of all, Moriarty, who seized Excalibur order to assassinate Queen Victoria!


Zachary Holmes 01 Case One - The Monster (Trillo&Bobillo) (Venture-Dark Horse&SAF 2001).cbr | 94.09MB | LINK:
Zachary Holmes 02 Case Two - The Sorcerer (Trillo&Bobillo) (Venture-Dark Horse&SAF 2002).cbr | 104.22MB | LINK:

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