Sunday, September 4, 2016

Enki Bilal series

The Nikopol Trilogy is a series of three science fiction graphic novels written in French by Yugoslavian born Enki Bilal between 1980 and 1992. The original French titles of the series are La Foire aux immortels (1980), La Femme piège (1986), and Froid Équateur (1992), which in 1995 were collected together in a single volume entitled Trilogie Nikopol. The individual stories were translated into English and published by Humanoids Publishing under the titles Gods in Chaos, The Woman Trap, and Cold Equator. In 1999, the trilogy was also published in English as a single volume, The Nikopol Trilogy.
The central plot of the trilogy, set in 2023 Paris, follows Alcide Nikopol who returns from a 30-year sentence spent orbiting the Earth under cryopreservation to find France under fascist rule following two nuclear wars. The books have been adapted into the video game Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals, published by White Birds Productions, and a movie, entitled Immortal.


Enki Bilal - Nikopol Trilogy TPB (2000).cbr | 87.79MB | LINK:
Enki Bilal - Memories TPB (2005) (SnipeIt-DCP).cbr | 80.93MB | LINK:
Enki Bilal - The Chaos Effect TPB (2005) (SnipeIt-DCP).cbr | 104.51MB | LINK:
Enki Bilal - The Cruise of Lost Souls (2001).cbz | 44.91MB | LINK:
Enki Bilal - The Woman Trap.cbr | 32.39MB | LINK:
Enki Bilal - Townscapes (2004) (Pudgy-DCP).cbr | 153.52MB | LINK:
Julia & Roem (Enki Bilal) (ENG) (from HM).cbr | 159.66 MB | LINK:
The Dormant Beast (2000.Humanoids) (Bilal) (3064).cbr | 184.34MB | LINK:
Bilal - The Town That Didn't Exist (1989) (Pudgy).cbr | 35.12MB | LINK:
Bilal - Gods in Chaos (1987) (Pudgy).cbr | 39.74MB | LINK:
Phantoms of the Louvre.rar | 163MB | LINK:
Animal'z (Enki Bilal) (eng) - from Heavy Metal.cbr | 139.72 MB | LINK:


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Nikopol - 3 Tomes.rar | 82,91 MB | LINK:
Les Phalanges de l'ordre noir - One Shot - (1979).rar | 81,06 MB | LINK:


  1. Do you have also Animal'z of Bilal?

    1. Hi. Yes we do. Animal'z have been added on the list above :)

  2. i love you love you love you love you! this page is a treasure for the comic lover, thank you!

  3. Thank you so much for doing this.
    Q: Can you please post Bilal's Color of Air (Le Couleur de L'Air) in English, it's part 3 (after Animal'z and Julia et Roem) in the Bloodshot series (Coup de Sang).
    Actually, I think it is currently being serialized in HM magazine, so perhaps it isn't totally available yet. If that's the case, could you please post it in the future when it is available?
    I'm trying to read Bilal in both French and English (because I love his art and also because I want to improve my French), I would buy English-language volumes of his works alongside the French language versions published by Casterman, but they aren't available for the Bloodshot series, so your downloads are the next best thing. And I sent an inquiry to HM magazine but they never answered my Q :(