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Mélusine is a Belgian comic strip created by artist Clarke (Frédéric Seron) and writer François Gilson and features short, humorous stories that centre around the life of a young witch who lives as an au pair in a castle and studies at a witches’ school (where she is seen attending 5 years before the first Harry Potter novel was published).

  • Mélusine is a smart and kind-hearted young witch with flaming red hair. In the first album, it is revealed that she is actually 119 years old. Although originally under the impression that she was hired to do magic, she lives as a sort of au pair in a sinister old castle. Outside of doing household chores, she is often performing spells and brewing potions. She also attends a witches' school where she is at the top of her class. However, she is hardly a teacher's pet since her spells work so well that they cause the teacher unexpected agro, resulting in lessons being suspended: on one occasion, for example, the class had to materialize various objects from out of thin air. These ranged from flies to toads with marks ranging from 0 to 4 out of 10. Melusine conjured up a huge monster which landed right on top of the teacher: she got a 10 and class was suspended.
  • Count Gonzaga Hernyvanz and his wife, the Duchess Aymee Döperzonn, are the master and mistress of the castle where Mélusine works: a somewhat goofy male vampire and a stern female ghost. Mélusine always addresses them as "sir" and "madam", and their real names were only revealed in the eleventh album. Their manservant is called Winston and likes eating cats; he resembles both Lurch and Frankenstein's monster.
  • Doctor Kartoffeln was first seen in the eleventh album. A descendent of the original owner of the castle, he claimed to be its rightful owner only to learn that his ancestor had gambled it away. However, Count Gonzaga Hernyvanz allowed him to stay since he could brew some very good tasting blood. Kartoffeln continues his scientific experiments and has been tampering with technology. He is particularly attached to Winston, as his great-grandfather was apparently the one who created him. Melusine finds his mad scientific experiments disturbing, not to mention adding to her housework. School was therefore appealing since it enabled her to get away from him — until he was hired as a teacher.
  • The mummy also lives in the castle. Although nothing more than a skeleton wrapped in bandages he still has feelings, and is often caught peeping through the keyhole into Mélusine's room. He featured in the early strips but has not been used since.


Melusine 01 - Hocus Pocus (Cinebook) (2007) (Grodbeldekk-digital).cbr | 26.67MB | LINK:
Melusine 02 - Halloween (Cinebook) (2007) (Grodbeldekk-digital).cbr | 25.39MB | LINK:
Melusine 03 - The Vampires' Ball (Cinebook) (2008) (Grodbeldekk-digital).cbr | 31,54 MB | LINK:
Melusine 04 - Love Potions (Cinebook) (2009) (Grodbeldekk-digital).cbr | 28,97 MB | LINK:
Melusine 05 - Tales of the Full Moon (Cinebook) (2014) (Grodbeldekk-digital).cbr | 35.37MB | LINK:


Melusine - Tome 01 - Sortilèges.pdf | 13 MB | LINK:
Melusine - Tome 02 - Le bal des vampires.pdf | 6 MB | LINK:
Melusine - Tome 03 - Inferno.pdf | 15 MB | LINK:
Melusine - Tome 04 - Histoires à lire au coin.pdf | 15 MB | LINK:
Melusine - Tome 05 - Philtres d'amour.pdf | 14 MB | LINK:
Melusine - Tome 06 - Farfadets et Korrigans.pdf | 14 MB | LINK:
Melusine - Tome 07 - Hocus Pocus.pdf | 12 MB | LINK:
Melusine - Tome 08 - Halloween.pdf | 9 MB | LINK:
Melusine - Tome 09 - Hypnosis.pdf | 11 MB | LINK:
Melusine - Tome 10 - Contes de la pleine Lune.pdf | 12 MB | LINK:
Melusine - Tome 11 - A l'école des maléfices.pdf | 12 MB | LINK:
Melusine - Tome 12 - La Belle et la Bête.pdf | 12 MB | LINK:
Melusine - Tome 24 - La ville fantôme.pdf | 34,72 MB | LINK:

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