Monday, September 26, 2016

The Heritage of The Devil

1938. Constant is ready to look at all of France to see his Juliet. By what mystery she found in effigy on a painting of the seventeenth century? Why work she fascinates also the relatives of the Führer? The hunt begins... The Heritage of The Devil. A comic by Jerome Felix and Paul Gastine.
Constant faces determined enemies who will not hesitate to eliminate a priest came to ask for some information. The disturbing singer Emma Calvé is headed. It is hard to recover the table while a young thief tries to profit from the mess. This secret remains hidden somewhere on a canvas. Insiders say it would give an inherited power of the devil. The mystery could be drilled in a remote village in Languedoc, Rennes-le-Château.


Heritage Of The Devil T1 Rennes-le-Château.cbr | 80 MB | LINK:
Heritage Of The Devil T2-The Secret of Mont-Saint-Michel.cbr | 94.58 MB | LINK:
The Heritage of the Devil T03 - Rex Mundi (Choky-Quentin-Onairam).cbr | 91.77MB | LINK:
The Heritage of The Devil T04 - Apocalypse (Choky-Quentin-Onairam).cbr | 65.66MB | LINK:


L'Héritage du Diable - Tome 2 - Le Secret du Mont-Saint-Michel.cbr | 119 MB | LINK:
L'Héritage du Diable - Tome 3 - Rex Mundi.cbr | 112 MB | LINK:


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