Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Oath in Amber

Always pursued by witches brothers Tichit, Moudj the Emba binoculars and Senga and their mates are back at Amojar, their starting point. Masks eventually fall to reveal the duplicity of some, it will cost the destruction of the legendary house of pleasure. Therefore, the final battle will not take place in Amojar but on the island of Tichit. But can he still be winners? After ten years and four tomes full of sound and fury, the fifth installment, Tichit, closes the series. The turn of events of this last volume makes them more interesting characters. Indeed, some are beset by doubt and others face their contradictions. A comic by Frédéric Riser and Etienne Le Roux. The Oath in Amber.
After so many bloody battles for possession of a "pebble", personalities are revealed. The boundary between "good" and "bad guys" narrows and leads to a rather surprising end. In addition, fans of direct colors find happiness here, Etienne Le Roux signing some very successful passages. Let us hope that the faithful of the series since the first volume will not be disappointed by this conclusion. 


The Oath in Amber 1 - The Amojar.cbr | 8.28MB | LINK:
The Oath in Amber 2 - Portendick.cbr | 35.37MB | LINK:


Le Serment de l'Ambre T01 - L'amojar.cbz | 14 MB | LINK:
Le Serment de l'Ambre T02 - Portendick.cbz | 13 MB | LINK:
Le Serment de l'Ambre T03 - Les barbares de Deire.cbz | 16 MB | LINK:
Le Serment de l'Ambre T04 - Le Desert D'akaba.cbr | 24 MB | LINK:
Le Serment de l'Ambre T05 - Tichit.cbr | 22 MB | LINK:


  1. Hai Buddy,
    All the short URLs are not leading to anywhere. Can you please check, if the links are working. Otherwise, its a really great work. you are bringing some really old forgotten comics to light, which otherwise may be lost to history. Thx.

    1. Hi,we've checked ENG (sendspace) and FRA (mediafire) links above. There's nothing wrong about 'em :)