Monday, September 12, 2016

Little Nothings

A handful of autobiographical anecdotes that show an intimate and child, tender sometimes irritating Trondheim. Comfortable in his dual role of author and character, fun forcing identifying each other, and make a fun patoso hypochondriac in line with the best Woody Allen. Cartoons in this book are playing to the closeness and identification by the reader through the simple mechanism of irony and learn to laugh at yourself. The author implicitly recognizes that his life is happy She lives surrounded by family and friends, working on what he likes, has achieved success internationally, but as good pessimistic or optimistic knowledgeable, as some say, can not help but live with suspicion of who portends a coming disaster. Live, then, a happiness restless. Part of grace, of course, is that often we recognize our paranoia in his paranoia. And while, realize that perhaps we are also happy. Little Nothings.
Unhappy gardener (he unintentionally cut off any green plant from his hands), hypochondriac traveler (during a stay in Reunion chikungunya emerged), father disoriented (Alien deeply miss his son when he should be blown away), Lewis Trondheim faces a life full of unexpected, it transforms into small snapshots.


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Little Nothings 02 - The Prisoner Syndrome.cbz | 86.03MB | LINK:


Lewis Trondheim - La felicidad inquieta.cbz | 139.91 MB | LINK:

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