Thursday, September 15, 2016


Meet Lou! She's hardly your average 12 year old. Her handmade outfits are the talk of the school (even though they make the other girls laugh), and her homework gets a lot of attention from her teachers (even though it lands her in the shrink's office). Home sweet home is an apartment she shares with her couch-potato mom and a cat named Cat. At least she can pour her heart out to her best friend, Mina, and scribble her dreams in her secret diary. Created by Julien Neel.


LOU! T01 - Diary Dates.cbr | 40.36MB | LINK:
LOU! T02 - Summer Blues.cbr | 34.85MB | LINK:
LOU! T03 - Down in the Dump.cbr | 33.12MB | LINK:
LOU! T04 - Romance.cbr | 71.69MB | LINK:
LOU! T05 - Laser Ninja.cbr | 108.19MB | LINK:

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