Sunday, July 17, 2016

Green Manor

A cup of tea? A drop of milk? A spoonful of poison? At first sight, nothing would make the very select club called Green Manor stand out from any other English club. Yet behind its thick walls, sunk into its deep chairs, hides the biggest bunch of con artists, bandits and murderers that Queen Victoria's England has ever seen. Scenario: Fabien Vehlmann | Design: Denis Bodart.
"Green Manor" mixture crime, perversity and humor to the delight of readers. Green Manor is a club of London high society in the late nineteenth century - atmosphere Sherlock Holmes and Jack the Ripper. The members of this club are fascinated by this particular activity to the human species: the crime. And they do not always interested in it innocently. Some small Grave gentlemen told by the butler of Green Manor. A British humor anthology, cynical, squeaky. A delight.


Green Manor Part 1 - Assassins and Gentlemen[Cinebook][1920].cbr | 39 MB | LINK:
Green Manor Part 2 - The Inconvenience of Being Dead[Cinebook][1920].cbr | 79 MB | LINK:


Green Manor 01 - Assassins et gentlemen.pdf | 21 MB | LINK:
Green Manor 02 - De l_inconvénient d_être mort.pdf | 18 MB | LINK:
Green Manor 03 - Fantaisies meurtrières.pdf | 20 MB | LINK:


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    1. Not yet. We'll update ASAP as they release, sorry :)

    2. Actually if I'm not mistaken, part two of Green Manor in English is a double volume, so the series is already complete.

      Also, thank you -SO- much for this most excellent blog. In a world drowning in superhero stories, what an oasis in the desert this place is. :P

    3. Thank you for the info, my friend! :)