Friday, July 8, 2016

Mister Rectitude and Génial Olivier

Génial Olivier (Brilliant Olivier) is a humorous Belgian comic series about a child prodigy. Written and drawn by Jacques Devos, it first appeared in Spirou magazine in 1963 and lasted a quarter of a century, ending with Devos' retirement in 1988. The series consisted mainly of one-page gags and short stories which covered several pages. There were few full-length adventures. The strip was also notable for the puns and jokes in the text. Olivier's adventures have not been published in English. Below is a list of the French book titles and their year of publication. Most of them are collections of one-page gags and short stories. Almost all the stories were written and drawn by Jacques Devos, with one being credited to Frédéric Jannin. When the stories appeared in Spirou they were titled Génial Olivier, but the name was changed to M. Rectitude et Génial Olivier when published in book form.
Olivier Delabranche (i.e. Olive Branch) is a scientific genius well ahead of his time and his own age. Super-computers, various types of transport, robots, lifelike holograms, even the elixir of youth, he has invented the lot and more. Be it chemistry or technology, science holds few secrets from him. He qualifies for a dozen Nobel Prizes in those subjects and he is not yet a teenager ! Olivier is in fact a little boy of about 10. Unfortunately, the efforts of this child prodigy go largely unappreciated by the adult world, including parents and teachers. Whereas he should perhaps be in an advanced school where his talents would be developed (as if they needed to be) or even a top university, Olivier is in fact still stuck in a normal, everyday primary school. The reason for this is that, science apart, in all other respects he is a dunce. In history, geography, spelling and grammar, Olivier is at the bottom of the class and the despair of his teacher, Mister Rectitude


T 01- L'école en folie.pdf | 18 MB | LINK:
T 02 - Le génie et sa génération.pdf | 19 MB | LINK:
T 03 - génie Vidi Vici.pdf | 32 MB | LINK:
T 04 - Un généreux génie géné.pdf | 23 MB | LINK:
T 05 - Le génie se surpasse.pdf | 18 MB | LINK:
T 06 - Un ingénieux ingénieur génial.pdf | 21 MB | LINK:
T 07 - Le passé recomposé.pdf | 23 MB | LINK:
T 08 - Electrons, molécules et pensums.pdf | 22 MB | LINK:
T 09 - L'électron et le blason.pdf | 15 MB | LINK:
T 10 - Un génie ingenu.pdf | 23 MB | LINK:
T 11 - Génie, péripéties et facéties.pdf | 21 MB | LINK:
T 12 - Un génie est chez nous.pdf | 18 MB | LINK:
T 13 - Un génie gai nickelé.pdf | 19 MB | LINK:
T 14 - Un génie un peu nigaud.pdf | 18 MB | LINK:
T 15 - Hi Fi génie.pdf | 30 MB | LINK:
T 16 - Le génie sans bouillir.pdf | 30 MB | LINK:
T 17 - Le génie se multiplie.pdf | 31 MB | LINK:

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