Sunday, July 24, 2016


Three Druids Hermeland, Bertalame and Samzun, accompanied by their groom Killian, crossing enemy lines in and out of the Kingdom of Korentin to get to Kercoreff. There are 16, Yuna, Riwanon lady daughter and grand druid Argann, was secretly out of the Kingdom. Long, prophecy had announced his coming, she, the Chosen, which reunite the Three Kingdoms and conquer the invader Lord Kaour. But now, Yuna can not believe a word and it is grudgingly it will resolve to accompany them. Kaour, aware of this secret delegation and the coming of this supposedly elected, know that it is a sham, since it is himself who had eliminated. He sees this as a strategy to restore the king to his people the hope they need to stand against his armies. Maybe even the coming of the false Elected could encourage Kingdoms to reconnect. Kaour decides to do everything to remove. Scenario: Jacques Lamontagne | Design: Ma Yi.
"5632 days have passed since that dark night when I brought you here. It is now time to realize the voice of oracles and you release the three realms of the dark threat smoldering within them."


Yuna T1 Prophecy of Winog (2009) (Sosich).cbr | 61 MB | LINK:
Yuna T2 Island of Graves (2010) (Sosich).cbr | 57 MB | LINK:
Yuna T3 Shadow of the Tarasque (2011) (Sosich).cbr | 58 MB | LINK:


Yuna V1 #1 (of 3) (2009).pdf | 68 MB | LINK:
Yuna V2 #2 (of 3) (2010).pdf | 64 MB | LINK:
Yuna V3 #3 (of 3) (2011).pdf | 65 MB | LINK:

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