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The right to be called Spartan is acquired at birth and conquest in a lifetime, after a childhood that has nothing tender. Agélicas soon paid the price for this lesson. When King Nabis treaty enters into political rather than subject their neighbors by force, the young opposes. In response, Nabis hires Diodoro, ilota reputed to be the best bounty hunter in the city. Writter: Patrick Weber; Design: Christophe Simon. Sparta.
In the second century BC, Sparta lives under the yoke of the king Nabis. To accomplish his purposes out, the tyrant does not hesitate to get rid of all those who challenge its authority. Among them, Agesilaus, a young rebel, is like elusive hero and the Spartan ideal representative. Nabis is recruiting the best bounty hunter in the city, Diodorus, to locate and kill him. Uninterested in politics, this does not hold Helot least one important secret he fiercely trying to preserve. At the same time, members of the Achaean League, enemies of Sparta, watching the movements of the warrior city and its sovereign literature. Inspiring as cinema, antiquity is also present in the 9th art. If Egypt and Rome do not fail to inspire many authors, Greece is no exception, especially Athens.


Sparta T1 Never Ask For Mercy (2011) (Leto & Sabko & Sosich).cbr | 74 MB | LINK:
Sparta T2 Always Ignore Pain (2013) (Leto & Sabko & Sosich).cbr | 78 MB | LINK:
Sparta T3 Do Not Fear Death (2015) (Leto & Sabko & Sosich).cbr | 70 MB | LINK:


Sparte - Tome 1 - Ne Jamais Demander Grâce.cbr | 109 MB | LINK:
Sparte - Tome 2 - Ignorer Toujours la Douleur.cbr | 108 MB | LINK:
Sparte - Tome 3 - Ne Pas Craindre la Mort.cbr | 82.8 MB | LINK:


Esparta 01 Nunca pedir clemencia.cbr | 33 MB | LINK:
Esparta 02 Ignorar siempre el dolor.cbr | 35 MB | LINK:
Esparta 03 No temer la muerte.cbr | 46 MB | LINK:

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