Monday, July 11, 2016

The Forbidden Manuscript

During the 1950s, when Tibet was brutally invaded by Chinese troops, the American anthropologist Egon Bauer discovers a manuscript in Lhasa that could revolutionize the Scriptures. There is indeed reported the presence of Jesus Christ in Tibet, the age of seventeen to thirty years! In Hollywood, having not heard from his father, Elen Bauer hires a detective. A comic by Roberto Dal Pra and Paolo Grella. The Forbidden Manuscript.
Egon Bauer continues his journey to Srinagar. This is where the thesis that Jesus Christ would have stayed in Tibet as the Yus Asaf is accurate, challenging the very principle of the resurrection. Therefore, the anthropologist is chased by army officers China and the Men in black, fiercely opposed to any new interpretation of the story of Christ. After finding his father, Elen Bauer returns to Los Angeles in the company of Detective Kevin McBride to present Professor Brown precious manuscript paper that Jesus Christ, said Yu Asaf, lived in Tibet from 17 to 30 years. For black men, the secret of humanity comes too early and can not be revealed yet. They seek, by all means, to cover it up.


The Forbidden Manuscript T1 (2009) (Dragonz-Sosich).cbr | 54 MB | LINK:
The Forbidden Manuscript T2 (2009) (Dragonz-Sosich).cbr | 58 MB | LINK:
The Forbidden Manuscript T3 (2011) (Dragonz-Sosich).cbr | 55 MB | LINK:


Le manuscrit interdit - T01.cbr | 55 MB | LINK:
Le manuscrit interdit - T02.cbr | 59 MB | LINK:
Le manuscrit interdit - T03.cbr | 56 MB | LINK:

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