Sunday, July 3, 2016


Zombies is a series of comic post-apocalyptic imagined by Olivier Peru and Sophian Cholet . A spin-off derived from the series (Volume 0) exists, and the authors are working on others, including the series Zombies Néchronologies. In the first cycle, Sam flees the epidemic ravaging the planet and turns men into hungry undead. Neither particularly good nor inherently bad, Sam does his best to survive and try to find her daughter. In his quest, he makes surprising encounters that will help him remember what it means to be human. In Volume 0, we find one of the iconic characters of the first round, Serge Lapointe, at the beginning of the epidemic. We discover what a man he was before and what events led him to become the man we meet in the first round. The screenwriter, Oliver Peru, advises reading the first cycle before Volume 0, but this volume is a story that can be read quite independent from the series.
Human beings should not reign at the top of the food chain. The zombies have stolen his place and nothing seems to stop them. Is this the end of humanity? Not sure for some it is only a beginning. Six billion people covered with flies trying to kill some other does not change much within the meaning of the word civilization. This is what makes Sam a man who owes its salvation to Smith & Wesson and a little luck. He fled the cities and left her daughter behind. Yet now that silence reigns over the United States, he still believes in life. And his conscience, treacherous hitherto chloroform, reminds him that staying human is hope. He has to find it the only way to survive. Like looking for a straw in a bunch of needles.


Zombies T0 The Dead and the Dying (2012) (Grcak & Jon Snow & Sosich & V2).cbr | 94 MB | LINK:
Zombies T1 The Divine Comedy (2010) (Sosich & V2).cbr | 49 MB | LINK:
Zombies T2 The Brevity of Life (2011) (Sosich & V2).cbr | 46 MB | LINK:
Zombies T3 A Short History of Decay (2013) (djikan25 & Jon Snow & Sosich & V2).cbr | 71 MB | LINK:
Zombies T4 Sheep (2015) (Sosich & V2).cbr | 49.06MB | LINK:
Zombies Nechronologies T1 Les Miserables (2014) (Jon Snow & Sosich & V2 & veseli22).cbr | 58 MB | LINK:
Zombies Nechronologies T2 Dead Because I'm Stupid (2015) (Jon Snow & Sosich & V2 & veseli22).cbr | 46 MB | LINK:


Zombies - Tome 00 - La mort et le mourant.cbr | 138.92 MB | LINK:
Zombies - Tome 01 - La divine comédie.cbr | 54.23 MB | LINK:
Zombies - Tome 02 - De la brièveté de la vie.cbr | 76.3 MB | LINK:
Zombies - Tome 3.cbr | 61 MB | LINK:
Zombies Néchronologies - Tome 1.cbr | 66 MB | LINK:
Zombies Néchronologies - Tome 2.cbr | 60 MB | LINK:


Zombies - T0 - La Muerte y El Moribundo.cbr | 66 MB | LINK:
Zombies - T1 - La divina comedia.cbr | 34 MB | LINK:
Zombies - T2 - De la brevedad de la vida.cbr | 32 MB | LINK:


  1. awesome series! When can we expect T4 to be uploaded? I see on the Soleil website its been released last year. Oh, and keep up the good work, love your blog! :)

    1. Hi. Sorry for delay. T4 has been added :)

  2. This series is truly great. Please give us the second circle.