Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Call Of Origins

Harlem, the 20s The young Anna is day working in the restaurant of his uncle and aunt, and the night dancing to the rhythm of jazz. A life that could be light. But Anna is tormented by his origins: it is mestizo, a difficult status which prevents it from its place. One day she finds out about his unknown father, a white man, mysteriously disappeared in Africa. She thinks only find him, and managed to join the expedition members visiting the continent in search of the origins of man. To each his quest, to each his origins: the following parties together in pursuit of their dreams. Screenplay: Joel Callède | Drawing: Gaël Séjourné. 
All jeopardize to go in search of its origins? At the intersection of Out of Africa and the novels of Joseph Conrad, this trio finds the romantic spirit of adventure while offering a realistic look at a time and on a phenomenon that everyone feels at some point in his life: The Call Of Origins.


The Call Of Origins T1 Harlem (Sosich-SF).cbr | 109 MB | LINK:
The Call Of Origins T2 Nairobi (Sosich-SF).cbr | 121 MB | LINK:
The Call Of Origins T3 Sanyanga (Sosich-SF).cbr | 99 MB | LINK:


L'appel des origines V1 #1 (of 3) (2011).pdf | 59 MB | LINK:
L'appel des origines V2 #2 (of 3) (2012).pdf | 63 MB | LINK:
L'appel des origines V3 #3 (of 3) (2013).pdf | 59 MB | LINK:

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