Monday, July 25, 2016

Orphans Of The Tower

2060. Placed in an orphanage at a young age, Theo is convinced that invisible tower stands in the heart of New York and strange ghosts seek to seize him. The boy seems to interest both the enigmatic Norton supervisor, a monk came from underground and Alice, an Artificial Intelligence. Scenario: Julien Blondel. Design: Thomas Allart. Orphans Of The Tower.
Theo is a little boy a bit special, who lives in a large New York orphanage. With a higher IQ to others, he has the best grades in all subjects and widely deserves to integrate the class of his elders. These incredible results also earned him special attention from the Norton supervisor, yet afraid of other children. Actually, everything would be better if Theo was also cafardeux and if he had some troubles. Not only because it is convinced that invisible and disproportionate tower stands in the heart of New York (he searches in vain), but it also sometimes horrific visions of ghosts out of the ground and terrorize. Aided by a mysterious monk came underground and Artificial Intelligence dreaming to incarnate in the body of a child, Theo will take part in combat without thank you he is both the challenge and the destructive weapon.


Orphans of the Tower T1 Theo (2007) (Sosich).cbr | 39 MB | LINK:
Orphans of the Tower T2 Alice (2009) (Sosich).cbr | 38 MB | LINK:


Les Orphelins de la tour V1 #1 (of 2) (2007).pdf | 49 MB | LINK:
Les Orphelins de la tour V2 #2 (of 2) (2009).pdf | 48 MB | LINK: