Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Snow Foundation

The Blood of Innocents is the first volume of prequel to the cult series created by Didier Convard and Christian Gine, which revolutionized the rules of science fiction in the 80's Snow, the hero of this great ecological saga, however, retained its dark side ... Any quest has its roots, those of children without memory already dipped in the blood before birth ... with the deep humanism key that is known to Didier Convard and poetry co-author Eric Adam, Snow has a lucid and implacable vision of man placed in conditions of extreme survival, illustrated by the inspired and expressive trait Didier Poli  and Jean-Baptiste Hostache.
Snow Foundation, the birth of a myth After believing find peace among the Hospitallers, the last of Flight that it is faced with a terrible threat: the alteration of the only remedy known to Evil Orion. An expedition is organized to find the only man able to counter the mutation serum. These men who fight for life unaware that a traitor took place among them, a spy in the service of Écharneur, whose sole purpose is to avenge those who have everything pris.


Snow - Foundation T01 Blood of the Innocent (sosich-Nemo-CST).cbr | 44 MB | LINK:
Snow - Foundation T02 Flesher (sosich-Nemo-CST).cbr | 54 MB | LINK:
Snow - Foundation T03 Orion's Disease (sosich-Nemo-CST).cbr | 61 MB | LINK:
Snow Origins T1 The Twelve (2015) (Sosich).cbr | 115.89MB | LINK:
Snow Origins T2 Eden (2016) (Sosich & V2).cbr | 48.87MB | LINK:


Neige Fondation - Tome 1 - Le Sang des Innocents.cbr | 101 MB | LINK:
Neige Fondation - Tome 2 - L'Écharneur.cbr | 24 MB | LINK:
Neige Fondation - Tome 3 - Le Mal d'Orion.cbr | 25 MB | LINK:


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  2. Do you have the original series SNOW