Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Bullet in the Head

Screenplay: Eric Corbeyran | Design: Jef (Jean-François Martinez). During violent clashes between the IRA and the security forces, the leader of a Catholic splinter group was hit by a bullet in the head and falls into a coma. His brother, violent and thoughtless requires retaliation. Angus, undercover cop, tries to help put the city with fire and blood, while the lovely Dara hides a dark secret all. 
The 70's, Belfast. The English police and the IRA multiply clashes in the heart of the city. It is in this context of war for his country or religion that Angus has joined the Catholic splinter group led by two brothers, Nick and Graham. If the first is a leader loved by his men and intelligent, the second is that violence as a solution. So when Nick is affected by the stray bullet of a policeman, bloody reprisals ahead. Because the projectile will remain stuck in the head of the elder, and out of the coma is hypothetical. Angus, mysterious character bruised in the past, with no real belief in a state where everyone is fighting for his god, will have to appeal to his own convictions, those that shaped the country long before the birth of religions.

Friday, April 29, 2016


September 11, 2001 marks the history of the United States with the attack on the World Trade Center. Through several characters, a CIA official, an agent of US intelligence services and an investment banker close to bin Laden, this series tells the episodes that gradually lead to this tragic event. Scenario: Jean-Claude Bartoll & Éric Corbeyran | Design: Jef (Jean-François Martinez). 
John O'Neil died in the rubble of the two towers. This man, who was for many years an agent of the anti-terrorism FBI began his professional retraining on September 11. He was in charge of the security towers. He had been constantly warn his superiors of an impending large-scale attack. He was never heard. 9-11.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Campus Stellae

Four lanes, four destinies, one way New Year's through 1255. During the Seventh Crusade, King Louis IX in Egypt discovers a mysterious statue dedicated to the goddess Isis. It is really only the small part of a fabulous treasure is claimed cursed. Twenty years later, while a threat to those who keep the secret, a young shepherd of Aubrac is sent on the mythical road to Compostela. The Glénat in partnership with the Association of Roads Compostella, take you on the road to one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Christendom, with Rome and Jerusalem. This series will include four independent volumes, featuring police investigations in cities and halts the four main roads to Compostela. 
One night in 1255, two figures enter the Puy cathedral and near the altar where the Black Madonna throne. There, hidden in the statue Gaudry documents revealing the location of wealth brought back from Egypt after the seventh crusade. Suddenly assaulted by his companion, he resists him and kill him unintentionally before disappearing. Two decades later, the abbot of the monastery of Aubrac is mortally wounded by a former crossed for clues leading to the treasure. Before succumbing, he says to the son of Gaudry, Amaury, the task of finding members of the Brotherhood of Isis, holders of elements leading to the coveted hideaway. Accompanied by brother Stephen, the young man embarks on a journey full of obstacles, ignoring that many shadows follow the track. "4-way, 4 destinies, one single way." This catch phrase summarizes the new concept series published by Glénat. Scenario: Saint-Dizier, Pierre-Roland. Design: Andrea Mutti.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Alexander's Tomb

Alexandria in June 1858 graves Looters engaged in a fierce battle to appropriate the treasures of the ancient catacombs. Among them, seven French nationals discovered the ruins of an underground chapel dedicated to Alexander the Great: the tomb of the Conqueror can not be far. Brought together by the promise of wealth, the seven adventurers in search of the only manuscript able to guide them in an underground maze full of water, to the grave. But they are not alone in the search: conspiracies, betrayals and murders punctuate this unusual treasure hunt. Scenario: Isabelle Dethan. Design: Julien Maffre. 
Charles, Eleanor, Maxime, Louise and Lazare embarked on their quest with recipes that should lead them to the tomb of Alexander. But the plot thickens with the entry into smooth Edward T. Towertown, hard archaeologist at nothing to get his way. A struggle without thank you born, where all means are good to be the first to discover the tomb of the greatest of conquerors. And when love and different social and ethnic are involved, nothing goes. This is on top speed that continues the adventures of this motley equipped, and the arrival of a serious competitor contributes very much. The Machiavellian villain of service is an essential element for any adventurer worthy of the name. Sherlock Holmes is nothing without Professor Moriarty, Indiana Jones is only a shadow of itself without Belloq, it is the same here. The chase between nice and nasty always recipe. No ingredient is missing: charismatic characters, a dash of humor, a budding romance and magnificent landscapes.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Giacomo C.

Giacomo C. is a Belgian comic series by writer Jean Dufaux and cartoonist Griffo alias Werner Goelen . The strip is colored by Anne Black Aert. The comic series is slightly based on the memoirs of Giacomo Casanova, the greatest lover of the Renaissance period. The storyline is what to call savage, brutal and most mysterious allowing the strip and main character develop its own identity. 
According to him, the writer Jean Dufaux the first five stories based on the memoirs and stories about the Italian Casanova, and then for the first time to Venice traveled, the city that is central to the strip. There he studied the history of the city and the stories about his main character. The first six albums were in the mid 90 issued by Blitz , and from 2002 reissued and continued with number seven by publisher Glenat.

Monday, April 25, 2016

The Seven Lifes of the Falcon

Since the dawn of time, freedom has given men dizzy. They invented masters to stem the tide of their delusions and have placed God at the top of the building. And even today, the sky still resonates harmony bells, angels no doubt, but perhaps in the long, somewhat monotonous. So men have turned to the Devil. He lent him the excesses of their nature. They adorned with a tail, horns and hooves to play at frightening. And the devil became their scapegoat. 
Why hurt you give yourself to tell us that story, my Master? asked the Witch. I am obliged, replied the Devil: men do not feed on bread and water. They also need to experience the thrills of love and blood. They have to show. That's why I'm a puppeteer. I'm also a little fowler in my hours. I love birds. Especially hawks. Writer : Patrick Cothias | designer: André Juillard. The Seven Lifes of the Falcon.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Halloween Lullaby

Betsy Mahorn, the young actress blocked Creeper Creek after a car accident, attends horrified the macabre events that shake the city to the eve of Halloween: atrocious murders were committed and make reappear in memory of a people terrible history that many would have wanted to forget forever, but also own ghosts Betsy. Scénario: Joël Callède | Design: Denys (Denys Quistrebert).
Betsy Mahorn is a Hollywood actress who finally lands a role in an interesting movie. But a car accident forces her to stay in Creeper Creek, a small town in the Rockies. Her arrival coincides with horrific murders and makes her an ideal suspect for the police. Meanwhile, the children are getting ready for the macabre holiday of Halloween. Halloween Lullaby.

Saturday, April 23, 2016


Nobody is safe from a deadly encounter. In the south, a service station. Two men intersect by chance. The big surprise for one of the two when it recognizes that other client. This is a sensible man dying for the simple reason that he is the murderer! Faced with this situation incongruous and panic, he fled but his 'victim' alive the chases and eventually murder. Screenplay: Eric Corbeyran | Design: Olivier Berlion.
Ellipse, 10 years later. Man, Martial, fifties, a former policeman, accidentally discovers in the basement of his dead best friend (Remi), documents (identity card, hunting license and possession of a weapon) belonging to an unknown man of him . He remembers that it was in this cave that Martial, Remi and two other accomplices (René and Frantz) fomented them not combine very legit but remunerative. In fact their plan was to flush out a passing fool in the region by offering a hunt. The staging was simple: one of them was playing the victim accidentally killed by the pigeon and to obtain the silence of the hunting party, it went to the cashier and quickly from there déguerpissait! Martial possibly covering the scam through its watchdog status. Until then everything had worked. Until that fateful day in the service station! Intrigued, Martial does not understand that these documents are still in Remi. Besides it he would he concealed certain facts? Who owned these documents? Is there a relationship with their former combines? Garrigue.

Friday, April 22, 2016


After an accident in a mine, Hotis wakes up stranded in a different world from which he sets on a journey back home. However, the return might not be possible at all, especially, if it involves crossing galaxies, time and the barrier between life and death. 
Hotis is a minor! Beset by nightmares grueling, he discovers with horror the reality of these visions: a horde of monsters from the depths of the mine, terrace companions! In this nest of creatures, he discovers an egg inside an egg, but it's too late, death catches up. Here begins its journey through other worlds and other times. A struggle against evil that corrodes the very reality of which he is the central element, will play. Who are these creatures? What is their purpose? Hotis Why is he still alive and what is its role? Screenplay & Drawing: Marc N'Guessan. Aberzen.

Thursday, April 21, 2016


An armored column enters the autonomous territory of Detroit Michigan. Within a few minutes, US soldiers are taken under fire and their patrols is totally decimated. Yet this carnage was planned, it serves as a screen orchestrated by Father undercover operation, a mysterious omniscient colonel locked in an operating room high-tech. 
The wreckage of the battlefield, to extirpate four children soldiers. Their weapons: limited supernatural powers, each made ​​using the age prematurely. Their mission before dying of old age: find and run Ike Mercy, the elusive leader of the insurgent city. Scenario: Stephane Betbeder . Design: Stephane Bervas. 2021.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Anton Witkowsky has rabies. Rage out of his condition. To leave his rotten suburb. To flee the paternal rigor. Rabies, he has in his fists. He has gold in his fists, he feels it, he knows it. Everyone repeat it, Marco, his coach, Mo, his buddy. Boxing is the key to paradise. The paradise of money and fame. To win this paradise then he is ready for anything.
Anton Witkowsky arrived at the summit, he is world champion of boxing in its class. He lets himself be carried away by the success and collects female conquests and throws them without any respect when it wants more. Women are not the only ones to suffer this contempt, it's the same way with old relationships, denying its past and its course. Rise and fall, he will not escape and a dramatic misstep led to the court. Scenario & Design: Baru. Anger.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

7 Wonders

7 ancient achievements. 7 masterpieces. 7 mystery. You think you know everything about the 7 Wonders? Yet they have not revealed all their secrets. 88th Olympic Games, three gladiators are destined to fight in the arena of Pankration. Aurelios Mykonos, in search of his son, Pantarké Olympia, ambitious young wrestler manipulated by his superiors, and Kionis Athens, about to reveal a conspiracy in connection with the sculptor Phidias and the secret of his masterpiece lumber chryselephantine statue of Zeus. 
Stefano Andreucci started in comics collaborating on Italian newspapers and works for advertising. Subsequently, he produced erotic stories and horror. He is also an illustrator for the publishing group Mondadori, and works from the 1990s to the famous Italian publisher.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Boulouloum et Guiliguili

Lost Jungles is a series of comic French-Belgian of adventure Raoul Cauvin scenario and Mazel drawing created in no.1965 newspaper Spirou entitled Boulouloum and Guiliguili. The animal reserve is Kawangana victim of poachers who try to capture or kill the animals, fortunately Boulouloum sort of mini-Tarzan and Guiliguili strong gorilla protect the reserve.

  • Boulouloum, is the hero of the series. Nicknamed Tarzan-miniature or mini-Tarzan is as brave as his idol. Later he called Kaloum .
  • Guiliguili is a fierce gorilla that helps Boulouloum. Later he called Kong .
  • Jo and Hary are two poachers who want to kill animals to make money.
  • Pin-up is a girl who grew up in the middle of gorillas.
  • Miss Stenvenson is a photographer.
  • Mr. Jürgens is the leader of the band of traffickers.
  • Baracca is the henchman of Mr. Jürgens.
  • Kurt is the driver of the boat Mr. Jürgens.
  • Chop-Suey is a Chinese cook.
  • Pepe is a specialist in dynamite.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Treasure Hunters

The year 808 in Baghdad during the reign of Caliph Harun al-Rashid. The corporation treasure seekers met in his underground lair, and the executioner of the Caliph shows others a piece of gold found in the pocket of a type he has to perform. This piece has a special trick: she has no shadow. And she is not alone. The Heretic, flour merchant by trade, has no shadow either. It is stolen by strange beings who walked inside his soul, one night in the ruins of Castle Mug. 
As the shadow of a man is a precious thing, the treasure hunters decide to find the thief who is none other than the Prophet Veiled. It is said that in fact he was seventy-two faces and can change at will. They say he is hiding because he is a leper, and the executioner said he saw die by fire. But they say so many things. The city does come out of the Night? What threat to the princess Diya? What looks like the face of the Prophet, may he take the throne of the Caliph dancing? Screenplay and Picture: David B. (David Beauchard). The Treasure Hunters.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Young Years of Redbeard

Since 1996 there is a spin-off from Redbeard series, called The Young Years of Redbeard, created by different authors than the main series: the scenario is by Christian Perrissin and the artist is Daniel Redondo.
These stories deal with Redbeard's youth before he was a pirate and how he decided to become one. His name is given as Jean-Baptiste Cornic, a servant of the French king. Also explained is how he lost his eye.

Friday, April 15, 2016

The Potamoks

The Potamoks is a series of comics. Scenario: Joann Sfar. Designs and colors: José-Luis Munuera. 
When professor Asclepios decides to go on the oceans in search of higher beings, it raises that doubt and ridicule. Yet his small boat soon crosses a titanic ship. a board, beings of unknown race: the Potamoks.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Carland Cross

Dubbed the Detective of the Impossible, Carland Cross investigates marked with the seal of the strange inexplicable murders, satanic criminals, cursed places, mysterious conspiracies. His favorite universe is London of the '30s, a city ​​still roams the terrible shadow of the Ripper.
Cold and methodical detective, operating on the fringes of official police, Carland Cross sharing his investigations with his pupil, Andy White, a young madcap who is responsible for writing the memoirs of his master. Through Carland Cross is all a fantasy inherited authors like Edgar Allan Poe, Arthur Conan Doyle, William Hope Hodgson and John Ray as Olivier Grenson and Michel Oleffe strive to explore all with a personal touch.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Masters of the Barley

The Masters of the Barley is a series of comics created by Jean Van Hamme and illustrated by Francis Vallès. This series tells the adventures of Steenfort family over several generations, creating a brewery craft in the Belgian Brabant half the XIX th century to the creation of a multinational beer with headquarters in the United States the dawn of the year 2000. It blends precise documentation on the tradition of brewing craft a historico-economic background back, which transcribes well the evolution of the western world for a century through the example breweries, and all kinds of purely fictional adventures that happen to different characters. 
Each volume follows a particular family members at a key moment in his life and the history of Steenfort breweries. Generally, it takes 25 years between episodes, which does not prevent some characters to appear in several volumes a row.
The latest volume, The Steenfort , is a collection of short stories that shed light on different events occurring between each other tomes.