Friday, September 30, 2016


US August 1901. They are four. Four men are total opposites. Separately, they are dangerous. Together they are uncontrollable. And they will have to team. Arcane of the White House to the New York slums, they unravel the son of an occult conspiracy that threatens the balance of the entire West. The elite wavers. The people scold. History is on. And only they can stop it. They have a code name. Weird Enforcement Special Team. Screenplay: Xavier Dorison & Fabien Nury | Design: Christian Rossi. Spooks.
Paris, 1895. Disaster Montparnasse station! A train going at full speed forgets to stop. He finished his mad dash rue de Rennes. Accident ? The train was carrying into effect a Studwater, pudgy little man in charge of conveying a suitcase for Adam Clayton, head of security of the President of the United States. Studwater died. But not in the accident: he was murdered soon after. And his case, though attached to her wrist by a strong chain, has disappeared ... A few years later, across the Atlantic, a notable Long Island blew his brains out. Banal suicide? Again, the truth is perhaps elsewhere. This is certainly the opinion of Adam Clayton, who fears for the safety of the President. For now, it is mostly hers is threatened: the White House, we decided to dispense with his services. His methods have aged, it seems. Clayton turned to one of his friends, a Morton Chapel. An amazing character, this Chapel. strong fighter in mouth mysterious past, it is the only one able to untie the tangled son murders and suicides that are dropping like flies characters with very respectable appearances. To carry out its mission, he puts together a team that has proven during the Indian Wars. His code name: WEST "Weird Special Enforcement Team". With such fellows, those who are behind these disturbing events of worry about.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Geronimo Stilton

This graphic novel series for young readers, originally written in Italian, has been translated into multiple languages and is now appearing for the first time in the U.S. The series pits an adventurous family of mice against a group of malevolent pirate cats who travel through time, threatening to change the course of history. Geronimo Stilton. Demetrio Bargellini (Author) and Gianluigi Fungo (Author).

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Oath in Amber

Always pursued by witches brothers Tichit, Moudj the Emba binoculars and Senga and their mates are back at Amojar, their starting point. Masks eventually fall to reveal the duplicity of some, it will cost the destruction of the legendary house of pleasure. Therefore, the final battle will not take place in Amojar but on the island of Tichit. But can he still be winners? After ten years and four tomes full of sound and fury, the fifth installment, Tichit, closes the series. The turn of events of this last volume makes them more interesting characters. Indeed, some are beset by doubt and others face their contradictions. A comic by Frédéric Riser and Etienne Le Roux. The Oath in Amber.
After so many bloody battles for possession of a "pebble", personalities are revealed. The boundary between "good" and "bad guys" narrows and leads to a rather surprising end. In addition, fans of direct colors find happiness here, Etienne Le Roux signing some very successful passages. Let us hope that the faithful of the series since the first volume will not be disappointed by this conclusion. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Roxanna & the Quest for the Time-Bird

Once upon a time, there are very long, the kingdom of Akbar, a cursed god named Ramos, his divine brothers managed to imprison a conch. Reading a grimoire, Mara, witch princess discovers that the prison may not be permanently sealed by the time the bird. The Bragon knight, formerly engaged to Mara, began the quest for Time Bird and carries with it the beautiful Pelisse, including Mara's mother. Other typical characters will join this quest littered with many dangers. They need courage to cross the unknown country where hiding Bird is the amazing part. So begins this fabulous saga told by a grandfather to his grandchildren. Scenario: Serge Le Tendre & Régis Loisel | Design: Loisel, Lidwine, Aouamri & Mallié. Roxanna & the Quest for the Time-Bird.
The legendary knight Bragon think I ended up with his adventurous life whose exploits were the richest hours of Akbar storytellers. Now that he is old, he no longer aspires at rest, it is removed to his farm in the highlands of MEDIR. But peace is not up for heroes. The day comes to him Pélisse young wild and virgin buxom redhead, accompanied by her Fourreux, strange animal with mysterious powers. She brings him a message from his mother, Mara princess-witch, she even former mistress Bragon. The situation is serious: Ramor, the cursed god, will soon leave the conch where the gods had enclosed to contain his lust for power. The destruction and death then extend on Akbar without anyone opposing it. There are only eight days before the "night of the changing season" which will end the spell that holds Ramor prisoner. Mara needs the Time Bird, because it is the only one able to stop time, which would allow it to complete before the end of the eight days, too long incantation that binds to Ramor conch. But the first test of the quest will go retrieve the Conch Ramor, jealously guarded by Shan-Thung, the prince sorcerer's March exploded Lands. Requested by his former love, annoyed by the fire and the insolence of Pélisse who claims to be his daughter, Bragon out his trusty mower from its holster and embarks without further hesitation in what will be the most hazardous of unseen companies Akbar: Quest for the Bird ... Time!

Monday, September 26, 2016

The Heritage of The Devil

1938. Constant is ready to look at all of France to see his Juliet. By what mystery she found in effigy on a painting of the seventeenth century? Why work she fascinates also the relatives of the Führer? The hunt begins... The Heritage of The Devil. A comic by Jerome Felix and Paul Gastine.
Constant faces determined enemies who will not hesitate to eliminate a priest came to ask for some information. The disturbing singer Emma Calvé is headed. It is hard to recover the table while a young thief tries to profit from the mess. This secret remains hidden somewhere on a canvas. Insiders say it would give an inherited power of the devil. The mystery could be drilled in a remote village in Languedoc, Rennes-le-Château.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Lament of the Lost Moors

Sioban is a princess without a kingdom. But she dreams of conquest and his blood boils at the thought of revenge on his enemies. Bathed in the magic and obscurantism of the Middle Ages (650/1066), Sioban exception of female figure in this ultra classic comics from the point of view of design, strict and meticulous, as the scenario. The first cycle series, "Sioban" is followed by another titled "the Knights of Forgiveness", and a third, "the Witches". Lament of the Lost Moors. A comic by Jean Dufaux and Grzegorz Rosinski.
The Lord Guinea was deceived. The head it back to the queen of Moriganes is not that of Sanctus fairy. Disappointed, the witch decides to eliminate his favorite instrument. The object of his lust reincarnated in the body of a baby protected by the Knight of Forgiveness, Seamus. Escaping the assassins sent by his formidable enemy, it seeks to reach the island of his Order.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Invisible Invasion

Following the fall of an asteroid in France, a strange plant is discovered in the crater. A national media event. Yet the next day everyone seems to have forgotten the events. All but Adrien.
An alien plant takes over the minds of humans. However, few people are immune to its effects. This is the case of Adrian who does everything he can to destroy it. Will he get his way despite the coalition being formed against him? A Comic by Sebastien Girard. The Invisible Invasion.

Friday, September 23, 2016


After boarding their ship by pirates Barracuda, Dona Emilia Sanchez de Scuebo, diamond heiress Kashar, his daughter and his servant are sold as slaves on the island of Puerto Blanco. His only chance of salvation is to recover the valuable diamond, which has been buried on a remote island with the late husband of Emilia, before the crew of the Barracuda. Screenplay: Jean Dufaux; Drawing and Design: Jérémy.
Emilio, a young servant disguised as a woman to escape the pirates’ blood thirst. Maria, daughter of a Spanish grandee, captured by the same pirates. Raffy, son of Captain Blackdog of the pirate ship Barracuda. All three of them taken to Puerto Blanco, all three of them left behind when the Barracuda leaves to seek a fabulous diamond. What twisted fates await them on the island, amidst the various groups that vie for dominance there?

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Rugger Boys

The Rugger Boys is a series of comics, drawn by Poupard and written by Beka , recounting the adventures of club rugby in the fictional town of Paillar, located in south-western France. Excerpts of the comic were used to illustrate the album Panini Rugby 2009 .
They are sturdy Frenchmen, big eaters and drinkers, more physical than intellectual, more losers than winners... They like to punch it up during matches and won’t, for anything in the world, miss their third half-time at the bar... Who are they? The Rugger Boys of the Bawd-Room Club, of course! With the Rugger Boys, readers infiltrate the heart of the cloakroom, the scrum, the clubhouse and the legendary third half-time...

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Requiem Chevalier Vampire

Requiem or Requiem Chevalier Vampire (French for Requiem Vampire Knight) is a Franco-British comic, published by Nickel Editions. It is translated in English and published by Heavy Metal in the USA. It is also translated in German and published in Germany by Kult Editions as Requiem Der Vampirritter. The story is written by Pat Mills (best known for his work on Sláine, Charley's War and ABC Warriors) and the pictures are drawn by Olivier Ledroit (early volumes of the Black Moon Chronicles). 
The comic is characterised by its extreme violence and each issue is more daring and is darker than the previous one, sadomasochism is well common in this comic and there are several scenes of violent sex. There is a lot of cynical humor too. About one edition is released a year, a total of 12 issues is expected. Because of the financial weaknesses of Nickel issues had to be released every 8 months at first; with Requiem's successes more time is given to the artists to work. For Mature Readers.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Showman Killer

Space Mercenary Showman super assassin is born of demonic imagination of a geneticist. Devoid of all emotion, trained in the art of combat, it is designed to kill and only the mechanics of destruction gives you pleasure. However, the fate of the relentless Showman takes a new turn when it comes their way, after a mission, the fascinating Ibis. Authors: Alejandro Jodorowsky & Nicolas Fructus. Showman Killer.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Universal War One

In the midst of a latent civil war between the core planets and outlying planetary settlements, an immense wall has cut our solar system in two. The black wall absorbs all light and matter, and it's up to a band of soldiers facing court martial to investigate the phenomenon. They're the men and women of the Purgatory Squadron. For which crimes are they here? And can they work together long enough to stay alive once they enter. The Wall? Nearly 100 years in the future, the many planets of the solar system find themselves caught in the middle of a civil war. In the midst of everything a gigantic black wall separates the solar system in two, absorbing all light and matter! The universe's last hope is a band of soldiers facing court martial. They are the men and women of the Purgatory Squadron! Their mission: investigate the mysterious black wall, save the universe, and try not to die in the process!
The Purgatory Squadron's survivors have done the impossible; by traveling through time they've shut down the impenetrable Wall that cut the solar system in two. In doing so, they've discovered that the rebellious Colonization Industrial Companies have hidden a satellite in Earth's orbit that could destroy the planet just as the CIC eradicated Uranus. But the Purgatory Squadron has a trump card. Now stranded three days in their own past, they just might be able to return to Earth without notice. That gives the team of outcasts and criminals three days to stop a cataclysm that could bring about the Universal War One. A comic by Denis Bajram.

Sunday, September 18, 2016


Mélusine is a Belgian comic strip created by artist Clarke (Frédéric Seron) and writer François Gilson and features short, humorous stories that centre around the life of a young witch who lives as an au pair in a castle and studies at a witches’ school (where she is seen attending 5 years before the first Harry Potter novel was published).

  • Mélusine is a smart and kind-hearted young witch with flaming red hair. In the first album, it is revealed that she is actually 119 years old. Although originally under the impression that she was hired to do magic, she lives as a sort of au pair in a sinister old castle. Outside of doing household chores, she is often performing spells and brewing potions. She also attends a witches' school where she is at the top of her class. However, she is hardly a teacher's pet since her spells work so well that they cause the teacher unexpected agro, resulting in lessons being suspended: on one occasion, for example, the class had to materialize various objects from out of thin air. These ranged from flies to toads with marks ranging from 0 to 4 out of 10. Melusine conjured up a huge monster which landed right on top of the teacher: she got a 10 and class was suspended.
  • Count Gonzaga Hernyvanz and his wife, the Duchess Aymee Döperzonn, are the master and mistress of the castle where Mélusine works: a somewhat goofy male vampire and a stern female ghost. Mélusine always addresses them as "sir" and "madam", and their real names were only revealed in the eleventh album. Their manservant is called Winston and likes eating cats; he resembles both Lurch and Frankenstein's monster.
  • Doctor Kartoffeln was first seen in the eleventh album. A descendent of the original owner of the castle, he claimed to be its rightful owner only to learn that his ancestor had gambled it away. However, Count Gonzaga Hernyvanz allowed him to stay since he could brew some very good tasting blood. Kartoffeln continues his scientific experiments and has been tampering with technology. He is particularly attached to Winston, as his great-grandfather was apparently the one who created him. Melusine finds his mad scientific experiments disturbing, not to mention adding to her housework. School was therefore appealing since it enabled her to get away from him — until he was hired as a teacher.
  • The mummy also lives in the castle. Although nothing more than a skeleton wrapped in bandages he still has feelings, and is often caught peeping through the keyhole into Mélusine's room. He featured in the early strips but has not been used since.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Cape Horn

Cape Horn is a series of French comic gender adventure written by Christian Perrissin and designed by Enea Riboldi. Edited by The Associated Humanoids, Volume 1 published in October 2005. As they try to escape their enemies by taking the sea, two adventurers, the captain and his friend Orth Duca will discover Oushouaïa, small isolated village where several communities come together despite their differences.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Zachary Holmes

In its first survey, Zachary must discover who destroyed the castle of Baron Frankenstein. All tracks lead to the strange giant who works for the Baron, but Zachary believes in the innocence of the creature. He knows that despite his ungainly appearance, the giant has a good heart and love helping old ladies or pick flowers for her friends. With the assistance of his friend Watson, a little mouse armed with a remarkable sense of humor and a consuming passion for Camembert, Zachary began a difficult investigation to find the real culprit. Created by Carlos Trillo and Juan Bobillo.
After admirably solved the case of the monster, Zachary Holmes returns to service. Contacted by the wizard Merlin, he will have to investigate the strange practices of ghosts, especially the most dangerous of all, Moriarty, who seized Excalibur order to assassinate Queen Victoria!

Thursday, September 15, 2016


Meet Lou! She's hardly your average 12 year old. Her handmade outfits are the talk of the school (even though they make the other girls laugh), and her homework gets a lot of attention from her teachers (even though it lands her in the shrink's office). Home sweet home is an apartment she shares with her couch-potato mom and a cat named Cat. At least she can pour her heart out to her best friend, Mina, and scribble her dreams in her secret diary. Created by Julien Neel.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


The tale of a forgotten Crusade, erased from history because it fell into the shadow of the devil. Jerusalem is in the hands of Sultan Ab’dul Razim, and the Christians have raised an army to take it back, led by Grégoire of Arcos and the Duke of Taranto. Only Gauthier of Flanders and his sister-in-law Syria of Arcos are opposed to an attack they deem premature. But the stench of brimstone covers everything, and in a war fought in the name of God, it is the Qua’dj, a demon, who could decide the fate of the Holy Land. A comic by Jean Dufaux and Philippe Xavier.