Saturday, January 28, 2017

Funky Koval

Funky Koval is a 4-part Polish science fiction/detective story/political fiction genre comic book published in People's Republic of Poland in the 1980s. It gained a cult following and is still recognized as one of the best Polish comics. The comic was created by Maciej Parowski and Jacek Rodek; the drawings were done by Bogusław Polch.
The plot resolves around the figure of former military pilot and now space detective, Funky Koval, who with his friends and colleagues forms a private detective agency "Universs" and solves various cases in the futuristic world of the 2080s. His investigations range from corruption in the police and government, through fighting cultists and terrorists, investigating missing spaceships and illegal slave camps, to the mystery of the Drolls aliens, who seem to have a much more advanced technology than the humans, and whose plans for the humanity - if any - remain a mystery.


Funky Koval v1 - Breahtless ENG V2.0 (darkplant - SWATura - pila - l1six9).cbr | 124.68MB | LINK:
Funky Koval v2 - Alone Against All (Darkplant - Wisielec - Akela - SWATura-OD).cbr | 35.44MB | LINK:
Funky Koval v3 - Against Oneself (ENG) (Mr.Pila-SWATura-OD-Thomas).cbr | 33.98MB | LINK:

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