Friday, January 20, 2017


Click! is a series of erotic Italian comic books written and illustrated by comic book creator Milo Manara. It was first published in 1983 as Il gioco in the Italian Playmen and as Déclic in L'Écho des savanes in France. Three sequels have followed, in 1991, 1994 and 2001.
The first volume features an attractive but passionless woman, Ms. Claudia Cristiani, who is married to an older, rich man. After she is abducted by a scientist and a remote-controlled device is surgically implanted into her brain, its activation makes her become sexually insatiable. The three sequels roughly follow a similar story.


Click - Book 01 (ADULT) (2009 HC) (Pudgy-DCP & data9724-DCP).cbr | 28.11MB | LINK:
Click - Book 02 (ADULT) (2009 HC) (Pudgy-DCP & data9724-DCP).cbr | 37.20MB | LINK:
Click - Book 03 (ADULT) (2009 HC) (Pudgy-DCP & data9724-DCP).cbr | 41.98MB | LINK:
Click - Book 04 (ADULT) (2009 HC) (Pudgy-DCP & data9724-DCP).cbr | 31.45MB | LINK:
Click! (NBM 1993) (GCA) (fab).cbr | 96.46MB | LINK:
Click 1-3 (Eurotica 1993).cbr | 91.21MB | LINK:


  1. A huge thanks for Manara's works.

  2. These volumes have been heavily modified. The original colouring, while not stellar, had a distinct Manara/European look.

    The current colouring in these books are a muddy mess.

    Would love to see original hi res versions of these.