Thursday, January 19, 2017


Dark Horse’s complete presentation of Milo Manara’s internationally acclaimed erotic work concludes on a high note, with this deluxe, archival volume featuring one of his best-loved stories, “Butterscotch”! 
A physicist discovers a way to become invisible, but a curious ballerina easily tracks him by the smell of butterscotch! This volume also includes “Candid Camera,” “Gulliveriana,” “Three Girls on the Internet,” and more, all newly translated by Kim Thompson, as well as an essay by comics scholar Ben Saunders of the University of Oregon on the relationship between art and pornography.


Butterscotch 01 (1994) (Pudgy-DCP).cbr | 29.38MB | LINK:
Butterscotch 02 (1996) (Pudgy-DCP).cbr | 21.53MB | LINK:
Butterscotch 03 (Eros 1991) (SnipeIt-DCP).cbr | 15.53MB | LINK:

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  1. Butterscotch 03 link nor working. Here's the alternate one