Monday, January 16, 2017

Inspector Moroni

Inspector Moroni is a concentrate of the neuroses of our society. His job allows him to use his sense of analysis, which he believes infallible. But his paranoid tendency locks him up in a world where he sees only schemes and plots. The cheerful adventures of an Inspector Harry under tranquilizers. 
No holiday for Inspector Moroni! Still psychogenic, he is reminded of his leave to negotiate a delicate taking of hostages. But how was the life of innocent people entrusted to this guy who does not understand anything? Simply because of a new concept of crisis management: "fire by fire", facilitate dialogue by sending a negotiator of the same character as the hostage taker. And there it is a well lit psychopate. Moroni is therefore entirely chosen to discuss with Eugene Puthoff, inventor of a water engine, or former storekeeper and sexual pervert according to the versions of each. Is it a drama or a comedy? On reading this album, we do not know if we should laugh or cry so much the two kinds mix. Between the misunderstandings linked to the profoundly naive character of this stuck cop, a sort of Mr Magoo whose myopia lies within his cortex, and the reality of a life puffed by maternal omnipresence.


Inspector Moroni T01 - First Steps (Dragonz-K-SB-T).cbr | 14.07MB | LINK:
Inspector Moroni T02 - With or Without Sugar (Dragonz-K-T-SB).cbr | 13.84MB | LINK:


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