Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Lord of the Rings Saga

This is a comic book adaptation of Ralph Bakshis cartoon movie Lord of the Rings (1979) drawn by Luis Bermejo and translated into a lot of languages. It was 3 comic books made, note that this comic books like the cartoon movie only cover 1 of the 3 Tolkien-books.


The Lord of the Rings 01 (scanlation).cbz | 12.26MB | LINK:
The Lord of the Rings 02 (scanlation).cbz | 14.41MB | LINK:
The Lord of the Rings 03 (scanlation).cbz | 13.36MB | LINK:
The Hobbit - Illustrated Novel (1990).cbz | 60.53MB | LINK:


  1. a big THANK YOU for your blog.

    A lot of Euro Comics books in Portuguese from my Childhood. Including LUC ORIENT. Im so happy!!!!!!

    TY ! TY ! TY !

    Please dont ever stop!!

  2. links are dead... thanks for the uploads.