Monday, January 23, 2017

The Vagabond of Limbo

The Vagabond of Limbo (French: Le Vagabond des Limbes) is a French science-fiction comic book series written by Christian Godard and illustrated by Julio Ribera, and published by Dargaud.
It follows the adventures of Axle Munshine, once known as "The Great Conciliator", and his companion Musky, child of the Prince of the Eternauts. Banished from his world for breaking the Thirteenth Commandment ("thou shalt not cross the threshold of sleep"), Axle roams the universe, searching for the woman he met in his dreams, Chimeer, who seems to be trapped in a world resembling ours. Axle Munshine sees Musky as a boy, but in fact she is a girl in her puberty and he does not seem to realise she is attracted to him. Musky does not grow up until she decides aging for the one who she fell in love with. It is suggested that Chimeer is Musky as an adult woman.


The Vagabond of Limbo - What Is Reality, Papa.cbr | 126.95 MB | LINK:
The Vagabond In Limbo - An Ultimate Alchemist.cbr | 44.86MB | LINK:

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