Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Kaurava Empire

The tales of the Mahabharata are updated in this new series from Campfire. Time and again the timeless nature of the greatest stories ever told have been highlighted by readers and fans. This space age rendering of these epic tales really proves the point. The Kauravas and Pandavas go high tech as their forces clash in the fiercest battle the universe has ever known. 
In this volume we see the real puppet master behind the great war, Shakuni, the man who manoeuvred both sides into hating each other in order to satisfy a lifelong thirst for revenge against the Empire. The greatest empire the universe has ever known. Ever expanding and seemingly impossible to resist. One man makes it his life-long mission to see that empire crumble into dust. Taken from his home as a child, forced to watch his father and loved ones starve to death before his very eyes, Shakuni vows to make those responsible pay for their actions. Slowly but surely he plots the destruction of everything they hold dear. Revenge will be his, at any cost, even if it means hurting those he cared for, because vengeance has no room for compassion. It is time to see how one man turned the Royal Family of the Kaurava Empire against each other and caused the spark that ignited the greatest civil war ever known. Each volume in the series is a stand-alone adventure that will mesmerize and thrill readers everywhere. 


The Kaurava Empire vol 1 (Campfire 2014) (Lila108).cbr | 94.17MB | LINK:
The Kaurava Empire vol 2 (Campfire 2015) (Lila108).cbr | 209.53MB | LINK:
The Kaurava Empire vol 3 (Campfire 2015) (Lila108).cbr | 209.78MB | LINK:

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