Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Eva Medusa

Eva Medusa is a comic series created by writer Antonio Segura and artist Ana Miralles, composed of the albums You are the poison, You, I desire and You are the love . It was partially published in the journal Vignettes and got the Haxtur awards for best screenplay and best long history in 1993.
Like the later Djinn (2001), alternating two time planes and shows a charming protagonist, able to subjugate men with their beauty.


Eva Medusa T01 - You Are The Poison (1991) (Dragonz-DMT).cbr | 27.00MB | LINK:
Eva Medusa T02 - You, I Desire (1993) (Dragonz-DMT-T).cbz | 26.10MB | LINK:
Eva Medusa T03 - You Are the Love (1994) (Dragonz-DMT-T).cbz | 23.23MB | LINK:

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