Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Julia-le avventure di una criminologa (Italian: Julia, adventures of a criminologist), known simply as Julia, is an Italian comic book series created by Giancarlo Berardi and edited by Sergio Bonelli Editore. The protagonist, Julia Kendall, is a criminologist, and the stories are usually in the crime fiction genre.
The series tell the stories of Julia Kendall, a young criminologist from the fictional Garden City in New Jersey. She works as a professor at Hollyhock University and as a freelance consultant to the local police, helping them to solve crimes. The cases Julia deals with put her in extremely dangerous situations, as her skills in psychology and her relations with Garden City Police Department lead her on the trail of vicious serial killers (above all the ruthless Myrna Harrod, a recurring character in the series) and unscrupulous criminals. Other cases involve her in classic whodunnit scenarios.
Alongside her in their investigations are the surly lieutenant Alan Webb and the friendly sergeant "Big" Ben Irving, as well as his friend and private investigator Leo Baxter. Characteristic of the series is the extensive use of Julia's diary, where the protagonist writes her thoughts and impressions about the cases, working as a first-person narration. In some albums, the storytelling is done by other characters in the series (like Myrna Harrod or sergeant Irving).


Julia 1 - The Eyes Of The Abyss [ShinjiGR].cbr | 331.08 MB | LINK:
Julia 2 - Object Of Desire [ShinjiGR].cbr | 332.43 MB | LINK:

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