Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Dread Mac Farlane

Dread Mac Farlane is a girl living in Neverland with Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. Where is she from? How and why did it get here? She even know the answers to these questions. Yet through his dreams and his prodigious memory, his memories come back to him little by little. Pirate girl, she will return to the path of the Caribbean to fulfill his destiny.


Dread Mac Farlane T01 - Esterhouse's Map (Clair De Lune 2004).cbr | 22.29MB | LINK: http://viid.me/qeM2Ld
Dread Mac Farlane T02 - The Crocodile's Time (Clair De Lune 2004).cbr | 31.37MB | LINK: http://viid.me/qeM286
Dread Mac Farlane T03 - Those Who have a Half Life (Clair De Lune 2005).cbr | 27.98MB | LINK: http://viid.me/qeM3ly
Dread Mac Farlane T04 - Nyambura (Clair de Lone 2006).cbr | 27.51MB | LINK: http://viid.me/qeM3Sd

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