Thursday, November 5, 2015

Colin Colas

Colin Colas (or Pittje Pit in Deutsch) is a series of comics Franco-Belgian of Eddy Ryssack, helped the scenario by Yvan Delporte, Jacques Alexander and Peter Rosa, published in the journal Super As. This humorous series was created in 1970 in the Dutch magazine under the title Sjors Brammetje Bram. It remained in the magazine until 1975. It then appeared in Pep and Eppo two other Dutch magazines.
In France it was also published in 1976 under the title Brieux Briand before being published in Super As the title Colin Colas. 1000+ boards of this series were performed.
The "Water Hen" is a pirate ship. On board, the Grograin captain Colin Colas foam (Nelson with his cat), the cook Tsetse Tsing, Thor Thion and doc Lagnole are living hard times the Spanish and English.


Colin Colas - T1 - Les montagnards sont là.cbr | 75.5MB | LINK:
Colin Colas - T2 - L'Appel des Tam-tams.cbr | 75.2MB | LINK:
Colin Colas - T3 - L'Ile Aux Tresors.cbr | 77.6MB | LINK:
Colin Colas - T4 - Le Monstre de Drumnadrochit.cbr | 81.7MB | LINK:
Colin Colas - T5 - L'Empereur des Sargasses.cbr | 95.8MB | LINK:
Colin Colas - T6 - Razzia sur la Jamaique.cbr | 86.0MB | LINK:
Colin Colas - Tome 24 - Biscuits Secs et Copies Conformes.cbr | 91.1 MB | LINK:

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