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Johan et Pirlouit

Johan and Peewit (French: Johan et Pirlouit) is a Belgian comics series created by Peyo. Since its initial appearance in 1947 it has been published in 13 albums that appeared before the death of Peyo in 1992. Thereafter, a team of comic book creators from Studio Peyo continued to publish the stories.
The series is set in Medieval Europe and includes elements of sword-and-sorcery. Johan et Pirlouit provided the framework for the first appearances of The Smurfs. Set in the Middle Ages in an unnamed European kingdom, the series follows the adventures of Johan, a brave young page to the King, and Peewit, his faithful, if boastful and cheating, midget sidekick. Johan rides off in search of adventure with his trusty horse Bayard, while Peewit gallops sporadically, and grudgingly, behind on his goat, Biquette. The pair are driven by duty to their King and the courage to defend the under powered. Struggles for power between deposed lords and usurping villains form the basis of many of the plots which also contain elements of detective fiction as the pair hunt down traitors and outlaws, as well as fantasy, with witches and sorcerers, giants, ghosts and, above all, the Smurfs.
The first few adventures did not feature Peewit. From his first appearance in 1947, Johan had a number of solo adventures and met Peewit in 1954, thus, in line with many other comic series of the time, giving Johan's earnest hero a comic relief sidekick similar to Tintin's Captain Haddock, Spirou's Fantasio or Gil Jourdan's Libellule.


Johan 01 - Lord Basenhau's Punishment.cbr | 44.25MB | LINK:
Johan+02+-+The+Master+of+Roucybeuf.cbz | 130.08MB | LINK:


Johan et Pirlouit - T01 - Le Châtiment De Basenhau.cbr | 16.9MB | LINK:
Johan et Pirlouit - T02 - Le Maître De Roucybeuf.cbr | 16.1MB | LINK:
Johan et Pirlouit - T03 - Le lutin du bois aux roches.cbr | 22.4MB | LINK:
Johan et Pirlouit - T04 - La pierre de lune.cbr | 19.6MB | LINK:
Johan et Pirlouit - T05 - Le Serment Des Vikings.cbr | 16.4MB | LINK:
Johan et Pirlouit - T06 - La Source Des Dieux.cbr | 16.9MB | LINK:
Johan et Pirlouit - T07 - La Fleche Noire.cbr | 16.6MB | LINK:
Johan et Pirlouit - T08 - Le Sire De Montresor.cbr | 16.7MB | LINK:
Johan et Pirlouit - T09 - La Flute A Six Schtroumpfs.cbr | 16.8MB | LINK:
Johan et Pirlouit - T10 - La Guerre Des 7 Fontaines.cbr | 22.2MB | LINK:
Johan et Pirlouit - T11 - L'Anneau Des Castellac.cbr | 21.8MB | LINK:
Johan et Pirlouit - T12 - Le Pays Maudit.cbr | 21.3MB | LINK:
Johan et Pirlouit - T13 - Le Sortilege De Maltrochu.cbr | 21.4MB | LINK:
Johan et Pirlouit - T14 - La Horde du Corbeau.cbr | 12.6MB | LINK:
Johan et Pirlouit - T15 - Les Troubadours De Roc A Pic.cbr | 15.5MB | LINK:
Johan et Pirlouit - T16 - La Nuit Des Sorciers.cbr | 12.5MB | LINK:
Johan et Pirlouit - T17 - La Rose Des Sables.cbr | 22.0MB | LINK:


Johan En Pirrewiet 01 De Nederlaag Van Basenau.cbr | LINK:
Johan En Pirrewiet 02 De Heer Van Rodensteyn.cbr | LINK:
Johan En Pirrewiet 03 De Dwerg In Het Rotsbos.cbr | LINK:
Johan En Pirrewiet 04 Het Raadsel Van De Maansteen.cbr | LINK:
Johan En Pirrewiet 05 De Eed Der Vikingen.cbr | LINK:
Johan En Pirrewiet 06 De Bron Der Goden.cbr | LINK:
Johan En Pirrewiet 07 De Zwarte Pijl.cbr | LINK:
Johan En Pirrewiet 08 De Slotheer Van Schoonburg.cbr | LINK:
Johan En Pirrewiet 09 De Fluit Met Zes Smurfen.cbr | LINK:
Johan En Pirrewiet 10 De Oorlog Der 7 Bronnen.cbr | LINK:
Johan En Pirrewiet 11 De Ring Der Merenbergers.cbr | LINK:
Johan En Pirrewiet 12 Het Onzalige Land.cbr | LINK:
Johan En Pirrewiet 13 De Hekserij Van Bozerik.cbr | LINK:
Johan En Pirrewiet 14 De Horde Van De Raaf.cbr | LINK:
Johan En Pirrewiet 15 De Troubadours Van Steenbergen.cbr | LINK:
Johan En Pirrewiet 16 De Nacht Van De Magiërs.cbr | LINK:
Johan En Pirrewiet 17 De Woestijnroos.cbr | LINK:


Johan y Pirluit Tomo 1: El Castigo De Basenhau / El Amo De Roucybeuf / El Duende Del Bosque De Las Rocas.cbr | 199.05 MB | LINK:


  1. Thank you very much for these.
    Just one issue to report:
    Book 12 (Johan_et_Pirlouit_12.cbr | 18.0MB | LINK: in the French section is actually the Dutch version.

    Could you please check again and upload the French one (Le Pays Maudit)?


    1. Hi,sorry that's my mistake,the link now have been updated to French version, just check it out, thanks for reporting this :D

  2. The file names and numbers of the french books are a bit scrambled, but all of them are there:
    1-3, 10-16 are ok
    4 you get #17
    17 you get #9
    5-9 you get always the number below, eg with link 5 you get #4

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