Friday, November 13, 2015

Yann Vaillant

Yann Vaillant ... An Indiana Jones before the letter! His real name is Yann Calonnec, which means "valiant" in Breton; hence his nickname. A large well-built fellow, frank and cheeky look at, with unruly hair and setting adventurer. This honest and upright Breton, archetypal adventurer with a big heart, will live a great adventure first. The latter took him to Tibet where he will meet Phang, a Tibetan who became one of his most faithful friends. This classic comic was created by artist, Noël Gloesner and writer, Jacques Conoan in 1952. 
Yann made ​​his first steps in the weekly "Valiant Hearts" No. 44 of 31 in October 1948. It ends a distinguished career in the No. 2 of 8 January 1956. Copies? mwouais his first adventure -and the following- appears in a Catholic weekly and must be uplifting, to a hero kind of great boyfriend to whom readers can identify with. Righteousness, patriotism (we are in the immediate post-war), honesty, valor will be the "exotic" spine of stories that will delight the audience time.This writes : initially Gloesner makes use of a design which "seeks" again. The trait seems hesitant, clumsy. Soon he will nevertheless shows a certain graphic ease, corroborating his drawings in a kind of historical realism. It will give readers-which in a kind of redemandent- graphic saga nice outfit well. The writer? well, there were several ie editors told Weekly! The air of nothing, this series, although forgotten today, was one of the best in the post-war. A small Belgian publisher, Edipat, edited confidentially few albums in 1952 (almost not found). I was surprised, because having found some, to see that the Editions du Triomphe had done the same at the end of the last century almost 50 years later after Yann starts. This is not this making it a "Yann revival". I do not have them all, helping rarity, but I'm happy. In many good and strong stories "exotic" entertaining for young readers at the time who did not ask for more.


Yann le vaillant - T01 - Au pays du bouddha vivant.cbr | 91.1MB | LINK:
Yann le vaillant - T02 - Le secret de la dalle brisee.cbr | 76.5MB | LINK:
Yann le Vaillant - T03 - L'ile de feu.cbz | 97.9MB | LINK:
Yann le Vaillant - T04 - L'ombre de l'idole.cbz | 82.2MB | LINK:
Yann le Vaillant - T05 - Le trésor de la vallée perdue.cbz | 68.5MB | LINK:
Yann le Vaillant - T06 - La mission de Ralph.cbz | 80.0MB | LINK:
Yann le Vaillant - T07 - Le chrysanthème de jade.cbz | 81.0MB | LINK:
Yann le Vaillant - T08 - Expedition ternium.cbz | 97.5MB | LINK:

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