Thursday, November 12, 2015

Judge Bao

Judge Bao comic is a bande desinee oriental created by Scenario: Patrick Marty. Drawing: Chongrui Nie in 2009.
In China, under the dynasty of the Northern Song Dynasty (960 - 1126), the Empire saw a tremendous growth, both from a hardware point of view intellectually. A powerful market economy was born. But if the very strong central power promotes stability in the country, however it must constantly fight against endemic and rampant corruption. The country is rich and temptations of men who run it are great. Notables from remote provinces, administrators, military officials, governors abusing their powers to enrich themselves, bandits of all kinds work shamelessly. To fight against this scourge, Emperor Ren Zong gives full powers to a judge whose reputation extends to the borders of the Empire, the Judge Bao (999-1062). Mandated by the highest authority of the Empire, it therefore legitimately. Even the court and the immediate entourage of the Emperor fear. What historical figure would become almost mythical over the stories of the oral tradition, and the novel is still today for the Chinese people, a symbol of inflexible justice can judge and condemn indiscriminately from offenders common people, like those in the highest echelons of the state. His aversion to corruption, his legendary wrath against those who oppress the poor, make it an extremely popular hero.


Judge_BAO__1.cbr | 39.9MB | LINK:


Juge Bao - 01 - Le Phoenix de Jade.cbr | 128.8MB | LINK :
Juge Bao - 02 - Le roi des enfants - (Marty-Nie).cbr | 87.7MB | LINK :
Juge Bao - 03 - La belle empoisonnee - (Marty-Nie).cbr | 103.0MB | LINK :
Juge Bao - 04 - L'auberge maudite - (Marty-Nie).cbr | 100.8MB | LINK :
Juge Bao - 05 - Les Larmes de Bouddha.cbr | 77.6MB | LINK :
Juge Bao - 06 - L'Impreatrice Oubliee.cbr | 117.1MB | LINK :

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