Monday, November 23, 2015

Une aventure d'Eva

This bande desinee is created by Claude Marin in 2007. Its genre in humoristic adventure of a young girl named Eva. The first edition cover was helped by Félix Meynet's drawing. Volume 2 Contains 2 stories: The mansion of 2 ponds and the sign of Osiris, volume 3 Contains 2 stories: The siren song (3rd adventure Éva) and The Forbidden Mountain. Meanwhile the last edition number 4 made in duo tone black and white.


Une aventure d'Eva-01.cbr | 77MB | LINK:
Une aventure d'Eva-02.cbr | 86MB | LINK:
Une aventure d'Eva-03.cbr | 75MB | LINK:
Une aventure d'Eva-04.cbr | 109.1MB | LINK: