Thursday, November 19, 2015

Tony Stark

This comic series was published at Éditions Fleurus, Novedi. The name similar but has nothing related with Marvel's Iron Man character persona. Tony Stark's genre is in Western action adventures.
Édouard Aidans drew Tony Stark, on script of Jean Van Hamme (for four of the six volumes), for publication in Super-As.
Tony Stark is initially published in July 1979, the most recent album referenced on Coin Comics dating from September 1981. To date, 4 BD albums for Tony Stark are referenced in our database, and 4 reviews BD attribute to it an average score of 2, 88/5.


[BD Fr] Tony Stark - T01 - Une valise en enfer.cbr | 52.2MB | LINK:
[BD Fr] Tony Stark - T02 - Le prisonnier du ciel.cbr | 53.1MB | LINK:
[BD Fr] Tony Stark - T03 - Le lion d'un million.cbr | 51.2MB | LINK:
[BD Fr] Tony Stark - T04 - Les voleurs de nuages.cbr | 48.3MB | LINK:
[BD Fr] Tony Stark - T05 - Opération Jonas.cbr | 59.0MB | LINK:
[BD Fr] Tony Stark - T06 - La peau des autres.cbr | 92.1MB | LINK:

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