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Sammy is a popular humour Belgian comics series. It first started in 1970 in the weekly comic Spirou magazine, it has been published in book form, and even been the subject of several omnibus editions by Dupuis. Raoul Cauvin wrote the series while artist Berck (aka Arthur Berckmans) drew the first thirty or so adventures before being succeeded by Jean-Pol (aka Jean-Pol Van Den Broeck).
Set mainly in 1920s Chicago, the series centres on freelance bodyguards Jack Attaway and his sidekick Sammy Day. Their assignments have them protecting people from all walks of life, from young children to celebrities, fighting gangsters both at home and abroad and even facing elements of fantasy and science-fiction. The real-life gangster Al Capone and his sworn enemy Eliot Ness of the "Untouchables" are also regular characters. Although occasionally violent, the emphasis of the series is on humour. The 40th book in the series was published in 2009 and it was announced that it would be Sammy's final adventure. The series is based in 1920s Chicago at the height of Prohibition. 

Jack Attaway runs a bodyguard agency with his sidekick Sammy Day and their adventures take them all over the world. Although their main (and rarely lucrative) activity is protecting people, the pair have occasionally worked with the police. Jack calls Sammy "p'tit" ("kid"), while Sammy addresses him as "patron" ("boss"), but they are close friends who stick by each other through thick and thin.
Their clients have varied from the average to the bizarre: ordinary people threatened by gangsters, movie stars, eccentric millionaires, mad scientists and even a 200-year-old skeleton back from the dead. Also requesting their help are actual crooks and gangsters like Al Capone or law-enforcers like Eliot Ness. The series has delved on a number of themes ranging from Hollywood to the Ku Klux Klan, the Mafia, espionage and protection rackets, and also more fantastic elements like robots, the undead and the elixir of youth.


01-Bon Vieux (&) Robots pour les Gorilles.pdf | LINK:
02-Rhum Row.pdf | LINK:
03-El Presidente.pdf | LINK:
04-Marquent des poings (&) et Spaghetti.pdf | LINK:
05-Le Gorille à Huit Pattes.pdf | LINK:
06-Les Gorilles font les fous.pdf | LINK:
07-Les Gorilles au pensionnat.pdf | LINK:
08-Les Gorilles et le Roi Dollar.pdf | LINK:
09-Les pétroleurs du désert.pdf | LINK:
10-Nuit blanche pour les Gorilles.pdf | LINK:
11-Deux histoires de Gorilles.pdf | LINK:
12-L'élixir de jeunesse.pdf | LINK:
13-Le grand frisson.pdf | LINK:
14-Les Gorilles marquent un but.pdf | LINK:
15-Les Gorilles à Hollywood.pdf | LINK:
16-Ku-Klux-Klan.pdf | LINK:
17-Les bébés flingueurs.pdf | LINK:
18-Panique au Vatican.pdf | LINK:
19-En piste, les Gorilles !.pdf | LINK:
20-Ma Attaway.pdf | LINK:
21-Miss Kay.pdf | LINK:
22-L'homme qui venait de l'au-delà.pdf | LINK:
23-La diva.pdf | LINK:
24-Du rififi dans les nuages.pdf | LINK:
25-Le Mandarin.cbz | LINK:
26-Crash A Wall Street.cbz | LINK:
27-Les Gorilles Ont Du Chien.cbz | LINK:
28-Cigarettes Et Whisky.cbz | LINK:
29-Des Gorilles & des folles.pdf | LINK:
30-Les Gorilles portent jupon.pdf | LINK:
31-Alcool aux pruneaux.pdf | LINK:
32-La B.A. des Gorilles.pdf | LINK:
33-Un Gorille en cage.pdf | LINK:
34-Mae West.pdf | LINK:
35-Les Gorilles mènent la danse.pdf | LINK:
36-Papy Day.pdf | LINK:
37-Lady _O_.pdf | LINK:
38-Deux Gorilles à Paris.pdf | LINK:
39-Pepee flingueuse.cbz | LINK:
40-Boy.cbz | LINK:


  1. Hi! Can you also upload issues 25 to 28? Thanks!

    1. Thx fyi, #25to28+39 have been added now,cheers :)

  2. Please, do you have issue 40 (title: "BOY") that came out in 2009?

    1. Hi,thx fyi,#40 also has been added! :)