Monday, November 16, 2015

Fripounet and Marisette

Fripounet and Marisette are French comic characters , created in 1943 and 1945 by René Bonnet (Herboné). They give their name to a comic book which becomes Fripounet. Fripounet appears in 1943 in the Letter to the rural youth of Father Marchand. In 1945, René Bonnet him a deputy comrade, his cousin Marisette and editions Fleurus dedicate their weekly magazine chaperoned by the Catholic Action for Children, to be published from 1945 to 1969. The eight pages of this publication pass 10-12 pages in 1956 and the large format switches to a standard format (21 × 29 cm).
Two rural children regularly found themselves struggling with gangsters or spies. The drawing clear line ensured a great readability, enhanced by colors to the desired balance. The moralizing stories concern was accompanied by a great documentary concern, with a predilection for caving.
Fripounet and Marisette had, in addition to the flagship series, Sylvain et Sylvette of Maurice Cuvillier, and a series of Christmas Gloesner (The Arabian Chiffonnette adventures, The Indégonflables Chantovent from 1947), of Edmond-François Calvo , Zephyr (1952-1963) of Pierre Brochard, Touchatou of Robert Moreau, Bull Dozer with Mic Delinx, Moky and Poupy Roger Bussemey. François Bel there again Phil and Jordi. In 1969, the weekly became Fripounet and appears to this day. He published a series of François Castan, Sylvio cricket of Philippe Luguy, The Adventures of Lucile and the Green Horse of JoëlleSavey, Tahoré the small Tahitian of Curd Ridel and Pierre-Yves Gabrion, Nelly of Pierre Lacroix, Baby-Chat of Jean -Paul Dethorey, The Investigations Mr.Tweed of Fiol and Maric. The series of Bonnet was taken in 1983 by Roland Gremet then by Christian Goux under the title The New Adventures Fripounet and Marisette with scenarios Didier Convard.

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