Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Jan Kordaat

The Adventures of Jan Kordaat (in Dutch or Jean Valhardi in Francais ) is a series of Franco-Belgian comics created in 1941 by Jean Doisy, scenario and Jijé, drawing in no.  40/41 journal Spirou. He staged an insurance investigator named Jan Kordaat/Jean Valhardi who travels the world for its investigations. The drawing will then be taken over by Eddy Paape then by René Follet, while in this scenario will succeed Eddy Paape, Yvan Delporte, Jean-Michel Charlier, Philip, André-Paul Duchateau and Jacques Stoquart. 
The series tells the adventures of an investigator insurance, named Jan Kordaat/Jean Valhardi, worldwide, ranging from his Belgian home to the most exotic countries. Thereafter his trade will gradually fade in profile than a pure adventurer and hard one. He is the prototype of cartoon heroes who do not know fear, are beautiful and strong. Arsene Stooges Jean Valhardi that appears mainly during the years Jean-Michel Charlier, this is a type of strong build, muscular and not boastful, just the opposite of the hero. Gégène, an extravagant will go from being a foil to debut than full featured Series.


Jan Kordaat 01 Zwarte_Zon.cbr | 47.0MB | LINK: http://sh.st/bHU5T
Jan Kordaat 02 Tegen de diamantbende.cbr | 21.4MB | LINK: http://sh.st/bHU7L
Jan kordaat 03 Het geheim van de donkerburcht.cbr | 22.1MB | LINK: http://sh.st/bHI0w
Jan Kordaat 05 De Bevrijding Van Prof. Stagmus.cbr | 47.7MB | LINK: http://sh.st/bHIqj
Jan Kordaat 07 De Diamantbende.cbr | 94.3MB | LINK: http://sh.st/bHIwR
Jan Kordaat 10 Neptunus_Geheim.cbr | 49.2MB | LINK: http://sh.st/bHIrF
Jan Kordaat 11 Afspraak aan de Yukon.cbr | 21.1MB | LINK: http://sh.st/bHIyu
Jan Kordaat 12 De Terugkeer Van Jan Kordaat.cbr | 41.4MB | LINK: http://sh.st/bHIuK
Jan Kordaat 13 De Grote Rush.cbr | 40.2MB | LINK: http://sh.st/bHIos
Jan Kordaat 15 Bij_De_Vat_Fenh_Ling.cbr | 42.8MB | LINK: http://sh.st/bHIpH
Jan Kordaat - Jan Kordaat II classic.cbr | 95.1MB | LINK: http://sh.st/bHIzt


Aventures de Jean Valhardi - T01 - HS - Valhardi detective [Jijé].cbr | 5.5MB | LINK: http://sh.st/bBZ3q
Aventures de Jean Valhardi - T02 - Valhardi II [Jijé].cbr | 25.5MB | LINK: http://sh.st/bBBYa
Aventures de Jean Valhardi - T03 - Le Chateau Maudit [Charlier - Paape].cbr | 33.8MB | LINK: http://sh.st/bBBUu
Aventures de Jean Valhardi - T04 - Le Rayon Super-Gamma [Charlier - Paape].cbr | 33.6MB | LINK: http://sh.st/bBBIs
Aventures de Jean Valhardi - T05 - La machine à conquérir le monde [Charlier - Paape].cbr | 32.7MB | LINK: http://sh.st/bBNy4
Aventures de Jean Valhardi - T06 - Soleil noir (Jijé).cbr | 29.5MB | LINK: http://sh.st/bBNuE
Aventures de Jean Valhardi - T07 - Le gang du diamant [Jijé].cbr | 19.9MB | LINK: http://sh.st/bBZ4t
Aventures de Jean Valhardi - T08 - L'Affaire Barnes [Jijé].cbr | 21.3MB | LINK: http://sh.st/bBZ49
Aventures de Jean Valhardi - T09 - Le mauvais oeil - BdStudio [Jijé].cbr | 23.2MB | LINK: http://sh.st/bBNiU
Aventures de Jean Valhardi - T10 - Le secret de Neptune [Jijé - Philip].cbr | 20.8MB | LINK: http://sh.st/bBZ5J
Aventures de Jean Valhardi - T11 - Rendez-vous sur le Yukon [Jijé].cbr | 29.0MB | LINK: http://sh.st/bBNob
Aventures de Jean Valhardi - T12 - Le Retour de Valhardi [Jijé - Mouminoux].cbr | 21.9MB | LINK: http://sh.st/bBXdx
Aventures de Jean Valhardi - T13 - Le grand rush [Jijé - Mouminoux].cbr | 18.1MB | LINK: http://sh.st/bBZ6n
Aventures de Jean Valhardi - T14 - Le Naufrageur aux Yeux Vides [Follet - Duchateau].cbr | 24.8MB | LINK: http://sh.st/bBNpv
Aventures de Jean Valhardi - T15 - Le Duel des Idoles [Jijé - Mouminoux].cbr | 19.0MB | LINK: http://sh.st/bBZ77
Aventures de Jean Valhardi - T16 - Un Gosse a Abattre [Follet - Stoquart].cbr | 21.8MB | LINK: http://sh.st/bBZ8N
Aventures de Jean Valhardi - T17 - Les Etres de la forEt [Paape - Delporte].cbr | 21.0MB | LINK: http://sh.st/bBZ9Y

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