Sunday, November 8, 2015

Quick and Flupke

The exploits of Quick and Flupke (French: Quick et Flupke, gamins de Bruxelles, Deutsch: Stups und Steppke) is a comics series by Belgian cartoonist Hergé. Serialised weekly from January 1930 to 1940 in Le Petit Vingtième, the children's supplement of conservative Belgian newspaper Le Vingtième Siècle ("The Twentieth Century"), the series ran alongside Hergé's better known The Adventures of Tintin. It revolves around the lives of two misbehaving boys, Quick and Flupke, who live in Brussels, and the conflict that they get into with a local policeman.
The English version of Quick & Flupke was produced in the early-1990s, and consisted of only two books, published by Mammoth Publishing. The books were translated by Leslie Lonsdale-Cooper and Michael Turner, who had previously translated The Adventures of Tintin. The text in the English volumes is not lettered in the same way as other Hergé books in English. The two English volumes are direct translations of strips in the French volumes Jeux Interdits and Tout va Bien. The English edition comics are all coloured, and named Double Trouble and Two of a Kind. Under Full Sail and Fasten Your Seatbelts were also published by Egmont.


07-ExcuseMeMaam.cbz | 16.8MB | LINK:
09-Catastrophe.cbz | 16.1MB | LINK:
10-PranksAndJokes.cbz | 15.7MB | LINK:
13-WhatAudacity.cbz | 14.3MB | LINK:


QFTome 01 - Haute tension.pdf | 17.5MB | LINK:
QFTome 02 - Jeux interdits.pdf | 13.1MB | LINK:
QFTome 03 - Tout va bien.pdf | 19.7MB | LINK:
QFTome 04 - 4è série.pdf | 6.4MB | LINK:
QFTome 04 - Toutes voiles dehors.pdf | 20.8MB | LINK:
QFTome 05 - Chacun son tour.pdf | 16.5MB | LINK:
QFTome 06 - Pas de quartier.pdf | 21.6MB | LINK:
QFTome 07 - Pardon madame.pdf | 13.9MB | LINK:
QFTome 08 - Vive le progrès.pdf | 17.3MB | LINK:
QFTome 09 - Catastrophe.pdf | 13.4MB | LINK:
QFTome 10 - Farces et attrapes.pdf | 13.1MB | LINK:
QFTome 11 - Coups de bluff.pdf | 9.9MB | LINK:
QFTome 12 - Hergé.pdf | 9.4MB | LINK:


Aventuras_e_Desventuras_de_Quim_e_Filipe_-_PT0001_-_1985.cbr | 30.1MB | LINK:
Aventuras_e_Desventuras_de_Quim_e_Filipe_-_PT0002_-_1985.cbr | 24.1MB | LINK:
Aventuras_e_Desventuras_de_Quim_e_Filipe_-_PT0004_-_volume_4_1983.cbr | 28.7MB | LINK:
Aventuras_e_Desventuras_de_Quim_e_Filipe_-_PT0006_-_volume_6_(1983).cbr | 30.1MB | LINK:
Aventuras_e_Desventuras_de_Quim_e_Filipe_-_PT0009_-_1985.cbr | 35.1MB | LINK:

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